Problems Continue During Guild Wars 2 Early Access Launch

The early access launch of Guild Wars 2 continues to be plagued by several annoying problems, including issues with connectivity, the auction house, guilds, PVP scoring, and transferring between worlds. The problems currently occurring in the game are particularly upsetting, because they are spoiling the debut of a game that is eminently enjoyable when it is functioning properly.

The problems are of great concern for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, they are creating difficulty for pre-order customers who received early access for purchasing the game in advance. This can only make us wonder how the game will respond when the servers come under the massive load of the full launch on Tuesday, August 25. If they are having so many issues for early access, how bad will it get when the game is open to the general public?

ArenaNet spent five years developing Guild Wars 2, so the number of problems are a bit surprising. The last open beta weekend had far less issues than we are experiencing for the launch. Granted most of the problems are related to networking, but ArenaNet certainly knew how many players to expect for early access launch; based on the sale figures for the game.

As we noted in earlier coverage of the launch, the Guild Wars 2 forums are not available. This means that players must go to the game’s Facebook page, Twitter page, or the ArenaNet support website for information on the issues. Forums are a very important part of any online game, and it is surprising that ArenaNet chose to launch Guild Wars 2 without functioning forums.

While we would have much preferred the Guild Wars 2 forums to be available at launch, we are not implying that ArenaNet is not doing everything in their power to fix the problems. One can only imagine the stress that the team at ArenaNet is under to get this game working 100 percent perfectly, especially with Tuesday’s general launch getting ever closer.

Here is an update on the latest news from the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page posted at about 5:00 am CST, Sunday:

Guild Wars 2 about an hour ago

“Hi Guild Wars 2 players, here is a list of the ongoing issues that are being worked on by our teams right now.

Our number one priority at present is to fix issues that are preventing players from accessing the game. Issues resulting in error code 7, error code 21, error code 58 and error code 1038, all have answers at the following link

Anyone experiencing issues with error code 42 should wait a few minutes and try to reconnect to the game servers, as this issue is known and related to connectivity. Players experiencing error codes 9 or 45, please contact costumer support at your earliest convenience.

We are also aware of some players receiving errors resulting in code 1032 that is related with world transfer operations. These transfers are working but experiencing some delays, please refrain from trying to transfer if you are currently able to play. We also have a team working on this issue as a priority.

Other issues that are being solved are those related with the trading post system, guild issues and party issues on overflow servers. All of them are being looked over by our teams and we will update you when there is new information about the status of the issues.

Thanks everyone for the comprehension! ~DO”

Hopefully, ArenaNet will get these issues under control, and Tuesday’s full launch will be much smoother than the head-start weekend. The game itself is terrific, and once the problems are fixed, it should prove to be one of the biggest MMORPG successes of the last few years. So be patient, and when you get into the game, enjoy every second of gaming goodness in Guild Wars 2. Of course, you should check back often with Inquisitr.Com for updates and information on Guild Wars 2, and all the latest news from the wide world of video games.