Macaulay Culkin Is Taking On A Healthier Appearance

Macaulay Culkin is taking on a healthier appearance.

Extra reports that the former child star is looking a lot happier after his retirement from acting. In a surprise appearance in Cambridge, England, Culkin looked good at The Portland Arms, where he danced in front of a crowd. He had on a hipster glasses and dressed with a black blazer over a black shirt that was unbuttoned halfway down his chest. He also sported a man bun. Although he’s still lean in stature, his face is fuller and not as gaunt has his previous photos have shown.

Culkin announced a few months ago that he’s “essentially retired” from acting. He worked with Adam Green on a project funded by Kickstarter called Alladin.

The star values privacy and tries keeping a low profile. He’s often recognized when he’s out and about in New York City. Mail Online printed photos of the actor wearing red nail polish while he was on his way to Smile Café in the Big Apple. The May 10 report shows Macaulay Culkin looking a little healthier, and not as skeletal as he was before.

In the images seen on the site, Culkin was wearing a long grey coat over a white Henley shirt that was paired with grey denim trousers and lace-up utility boots. He wore a ban bun and shades while puffing on a cigarette.

A retweet of the images found on DM’s site are below.

In a bombshell interview with New York magazine in early April, Culkin revealed that he was going to quit acting. He also explained that he loves spending time in Paris whenever he can because it’s not a big deal to anyone when they do see him.

“It turned out that no, they recognized me, they just didn’t care. I was like, ‘Where have you people been my entire life?’ ” the actor said of people giving him attention in Paris.

Nevertheless, a few people openly recognize him. He gave one account in which a Paris cafe owner subtly acknowledged him.

Culkin had a small card that had a Home Alone–era photo of himself on it that was handed to him when he asked for the Wi-Fi code.

He continued, “A waitress just gave it to me and walked away — their Wi-Fi code was ‘Macaulay Culkin.’ When she came back, I said, ‘I like your Wi-Fi code.’ She goes, ‘Thank you,’ and I say, ‘C’est moi.’ She turned white and brought over the owner of the place, who said, ‘I knew you’d come here someday.’ “

Macaulay told the magazine that in New York, he “walks at two or four in the morning, because there’s nobody out on the streets and it’s easy for me to go unnoticed.”

Nowadays, Macaulay spends his days doing artistic things or “whatevering.” Among his other ventures that have been followed, he started a band called The Pizza Underground and records songs about pizza. It’s a tribute to the band The Velvet Underground. Recent projects include The Jim Gaffigan Show, which returns to TV Land in June. He’s also signing on with independent projects, such as Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling.

Culkin has been in and out of the headlines for his seemingly frail health and alleged drug abuse. In 2012, rumors surfaced that the former actor was teetering on death because he was holed up in his New York apartment getting high on oxycodone and other drugs.

Macaulay Culkin is looking healthier these days and seems much happier working at his leisure.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Turner]