Adam Kenworthy Gives Update After Plane Crash: Carole Radziwill Stays Silent

Adam Kenworthy has been rather absent from social media over the last couple of days, and late last week, Carole Radziwill announced that Adam had been in a plane crash. Carole revealed that Kenworthy had been very lucky in the crash, as he only had minor scratches and was in good shape. His father, on the other hand, was in serious condition, but both men were talking and communicative. Now, Adam is back on social media, and he wants to let his followers and Real Housewives of New York fans know that he’s doing alright.

According to a new Instagram post, Adam Kenworthy is now revealing that he’s doing alright, and he even shared a picture from the crash on Instagram. Seeing the crashed plane and the rescuers trying to get them out of the plane does put an image on the scary experience Adam and his father went through late last week.

“Thank you for all your good thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It meant a lot to my Dad and me. Thankfully he is an extremely skilled pilot who landed the plane as safely as he could. We were both lucky to walk away. He is my hero,” Adam Kenworthy revealed in the post, showing a group of rescuers trying to get the father-son duo out of the plane.

While Kenworthy is back on social media and continues his recovery from the crash, his long-time girlfriend, Carole Radziwill, hasn’t said much on social media. In fact, she’s been staying somewhat silent throughout this entire thing. One can imagine that she was heartbroken to hear about the crash and her thoughts were probably running wild. This isn’t the first plane crash that has plagued her life, as she lost the Kennedy family as well. After learning that Adam Kenworthy would be alright after the crash, Carole issued a statement via the Daily Dish.

“Adam was very lucky. He walked away from the crash,” Carole told the Daily Dish in a statement, according to Bravo. “He was admitted to the hospital and was released last night. He is doing well.”

The plane crashed in Iowa, and they were taken to Iowa Methodist Medical Center after the emergency landing. According to Bravo, the single-engine plane they were traveling in started experiencing some trouble. Apparently, Adam’s father, David, was piloting the plane at the time, and he was trying to get the plane down in a West Des Moines, Iowa, farm field 10 minutes into the flight. The plane supposedly suffered some power issues.

As a result of the emergency landing, David suffered serious injuries, while Adam had moderate injuries. No word on how Adam Kenworthy’s father is doing these days, but based on his Instagram update, it sounds like he will be just fine. The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA will begin an investigation to determine what went wrong.

Sunday cruise with my baby @therealbabydog ???? #nyc @linusbike

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No word on what Carole was doing at the time of the crash, but it is possible that she was back in New York. It sounds like Adam Kenworthy and his father were near the crash site when they decided to go for a ride, so it is possible that his father lives in Iowa. Adam hasn’t really shared much about his own family on The Real Housewives of New York, so it is possible that he was visiting his father, who is a trained pilot, and the two decided to go for a ride.

What do you think of Adam Kenworthy’s post about the plane crash? Are you surprised that he just walked away with moderate injuries?

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