‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn’s Fate Relies On Liam And Wyatt’s Support And Sasha Needs Julius’ Help As Her Pregnancy News Spreads

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday’s show detail that there is more on the way regarding Sasha and her supposed pregnancy. She told Zende that she was expecting his baby as a way to try to hold onto him and keep him away from Nicole, and now teasers share that she will try to use Julius to proceed with her plan. The May 23 show also has some action related to Quinn, Wyatt, and Liam as she faces consequences for her crazy captivity scheme.

As Soap Central shares, Sasha will connect with Julius on Monday’s show and she has an offer to make to him. Just what does she propose? Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sasha will ask him to stand behind her with this supposed pregnancy as she tries to keep Zende with her and away from Nicole. In return, it sounds as if she will tell him that she will try to help him smooth things over with the rest of the Avant family after the big revelation that he is her biological father.

Quinn has been arrested, but will she go to jail or a psychiatric facility? She begged Liam for his support, and Bold and Beautiful spoiler previews indicate that he will continue to struggle with all of this. It looks like he will be talking with Bill and is trying to explain how much “Adam” had relied on “Eve” during the time at the cabin.

Liam feels as if he was well taken care of during that time, and as Adam, he had fully believed that Quinn as Eve was his wife. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that Bill seems to be trying to shake him out of this way of thinking, as Bill wants to see her pay for her antics. Bill wants to see her behind bars, and if Liam doesn’t step up to push for that, it may not happen.

As Bill and Liam talk, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Wyatt will pay Quinn a visit. He was left stunned by what she did to his brother, and she will once again try to explain her reasoning. Quinn may have lost her marbles as she kept Liam hidden away, but she tries to explain to Wyatt that everything she did was for his sake.

Wyatt will surely try to dismiss this to an extent, as he does not want to carry the weight of this all having been done in his name. However, as viewers saw as this played out, Quinn was desperate for Wyatt to gain both Steffy and a prominent position at Spencer Publications, and keeping Liam hidden away paved the way for both to happen.

Where are things headed as the week continues? According to Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Bill and Wyatt will have a discussion about Quinn on Tuesday’s show, and everybody will find out where she heads next on Wednesday’s episode. There is more from Katie and Brooke ahead, and everybody will be curious to see what comes next for these sisters after the explosive and embarrassing bedroom incident that occurred last week.

Rick and Maya will share their daughter’s name soon, and there is a bit with Caroline and Ridge regarding Douglas on Friday’s show. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Wyatt will urge Liam to have some compassion for Quinn, seemingly angling to get her psychiatric help rather than a jail sentence. Nicole and Zende will try to wrap their heads around Sasha’s pregnancy news, and Sasha will be facing some pushback and disappointment as this plays out.

Can Nicole and Zende stay united in the wake of Sasha’s shocking news? What comes next for Quinn as she faces consequences for holding Liam captive, and how will Wyatt figure into it all? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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