Alabama Woman Anita Parker Killed Husband’s Puppy To Fake Miscarriage, Police Say

An Alabama woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband’s puppy in order to fake a miscarriage. Anita Parker was sitting in bed covered in both blood and body tissue when her husband, Johnny Parker, returned to their Lawrence County mobile home on Wednesday.

Anita Parker, 43, claimed to have been pregnant for seven months. The Alabama woman was screaming in a panic when she called her husband and said she was experiencing some intense cramping and thought she was having a miscarriage, the International Business Times reports.

Johnny Parker said his wife told him she had flushed the fetus down their toilet, ABC 7 News reports. The worried husband rushed home to help his wife, never considering the entire pregnancy was a hoax.

Anita Parker had shared an ultrasound photo declaring “It’s a Boy!” on social media prior to the day she had allegedly killed her husband’s puppy to fake the miscarriage. After taking his wife to the hospital for medical treatment after the alleged miscarriage, Johnny Parker was taken aside by doctors who told him his wife had never been pregnant.

“I guess she pushed her belly out all the time, because she looked like she was. And she sends me pictures of the ultrasounds,” Johnny Parker told reporters. “The crazy woman had gutted the dog and used the blood all over my bed and stuff like she had had a miscarriage. Told them she flushed the seven-month-old baby down the toilet. Ain’t no way.”

The shocked Alabama husband left the hospital and returned to the couple’s mobile home alone, the Daily Mail reports. After arriving home and beginning to digest the all the news he had just received from the doctor, Parker noticed his beloved Chihuahua puppy was missing.

A neighbor helped Johnny Parker look around the property for the missing puppy. The 8-month-old Chihuahua puppy was ultimately found dead and gutted in an outdoor trash can.

“It hurts like crap, man, about my dog. I loved that dog,” Parker also said.

Johnny said he never once suspected his wife was lying about being pregnant. Anita Parker had steadfastly refused to let him accompany her to the doctor but frequently showed him ultrasound photos. The pictures of a baby boy supposedly growing inside of her were likely printed from internet images shared by other women excited about their own upcoming births.

“You can’t have a heart and do something like that, ain’t no way. She’s cold-hearted, man. She didn’t have to kill the dog like that,” Johnny Parker also said about his wife who allegedly killed his Chihuahua puppy to help her fake a miscarriage.

The shocked husband also alleged his now-estranged wife has had a history of drug abuse.

Anita Parker reportedly refused to undergo blood tests to prove she was ever pregnant and decided to leave the hospital.

Although the Alabama woman left the hospital with a relative, she was ultimately arrested and charged with first-degree animal cruelty. Anita Parker is currently being held on a $7,000 bond at the Alabama county jail, Fox 59 News reports. She will also reportedly face additional charges for making a fake 911 call to seek emergency help after claiming she was having a miscarriage, according to a statement by Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell.

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