Hailey Baldwin Explains Her Justin Bieber ‘Mood’ Tweet, Still Upset About Selena Gomez Song?

Are Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber together or not? For the last few weeks, the on-again-off-again couple has been hinting at a renewed relationship, but in the press, Hailey Baldwin is staying mum.

Although Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were photographed together earlier this month in New York, where Baldwin was attending the Met Gala and Bieber was performing in Brooklyn, they haven’t been seen since, and Baldwin’s Bieber-related post on Twitter has gone unanswered.

Last week, Hailey Baldwin posted a photo of a male friend holding a cardboard cutout of Bieber, and in the caption, she wrote, “mood.” Meanwhile, on Bieber’s social media accounts, Hailey Baldwin hasn’t been mentioned in months.

“Honestly, I just said ‘mood’ because I thought it was funny and it’s just, like, an inside joke,” Hailey Baldwin explained to Yahoo Celebrity at the opening of Magnum ice cream’s flagship store in Soho, via a May 20 report. “It wasn’t like ‘mood’ in any type of ‘let’s read into it this’ way!”

After her post was shared, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s relationship status became a hot topic for fans who wanted to know what was going on between them. However, according to Hailey Baldwin, she doesn’t keep track of what her fans and followers are saying online.

“I don’t really read all my mentions a lot,” she revealed.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber began dating at the end of last year, just weeks after Kourtney Kardashian was caught making her way out of his hotel room in Beverly Hills. Prior to their relationship, Bieber and Kardashian had been linked to one another and were said to be involved in a casual relationship. However, in late December, it was Hailey Baldwin who Bieber took to Anguilla for a family vacation.

Since sharing her Bieber tweet last week, Hailey Baldwin has shared a number of photos on Instagram, but none of them feature her ex. Instead, the model appears to be enjoying a vacation. In a May 21 photo, Baldwin was seen sitting on a beach in a sweatshirt, and in a May 22 pic, she was seen in a white bikini.

In other Hailey Baldwin news, a rumor of a possible tiff between her and Bieber was recently shared.

“[Hailey Baldwin] heard Selena’s new song, which sounds like it could be about Justin, and it has left her confused,” a source told Hollywood Life last week. “She wants answers about what is going on between Selena and Justin. Hailey doesn’t understand what Selena is trying to accomplish with that song.”

In Gomez’s latest song, “Feel Me,” the 23-year-old sings about a love triangle situation in which a man who wants her back appears to be attempting to make a relationship with someone else work. However, as Gomez sings, the unnamed woman isn’t enough for her former partner.

“When she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night, I won’t be caught up in the middle, ‘long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone.”

“[Hailey Baldwin] needs information about where everyone stands,” the source continued. “Hailey has always felt a special connection with Justin and she does not want to be in the middle of a love triangle with Selena and Justin. Hailey is pushing Justin for information about what is really going on between all of them. It is a difficult time for Hailey cause she wants to know why Selena would sing a song so clearly aimed at Justin.”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for New Era]