June 16, 2013
Update: Julie Corey held in Haynes fetal abduction case

Police have apprehended a suspect in the murder of Darlene Haynes, and her baby is alive and in reasonably good health.

Julie Corey, 35, was an acquaintance of Haynes. Corey was located at a homeless shelter in Portsmouth, NH, posing as the baby's mother. Staff became suspicious of Corey's claims that she'd given birth six days earlier and contacted police to have her detained as she tried to leave the shelter. Sadly, the case seems to follow the pattern of other fetal abductions in recent years. From the Calgary Herald:

"She is alleging that she gave birth to the child," (New Hampshire State Police Detective Capt. Edward) McGinn said. He said within hours of the alleged delivery on Friday, Corey was out showing off the baby to acquaintances. He said she showed none of the physical signs of someone who recently delivered a baby and had told friends before the birth that she was pregnant. Some of them did not believe her, Capt. McGinn said.

Police also learned through speaking with acquaintances that after appearing with the baby, Corey was unable to breast-feed, another indicator, he said, that she was never pregnant.

The child, whom Corey named Alida, appeared to be in good health and was being evaluated at a New Hampshire hospital yesterday, police said.

The Union-Leader of Manchester, N.H., is reporting that the baby is at Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth.

In most cases of fetal abduction, friends and acquaintances are skeptical of the perpetrator's claims and often this leads to her tale unraveling. Also common is non-involvement of the baby's "father," who is generally as shocked as anyone when he learns of his partner's gruesome crime. Julie Corey has not yet been charged with the brutal crime and has been named a "person of interest" in the murder.

Haynes leaves behind four young daughters in total, and a custody petition has been filed in Worcester.