Camille Cosby Testimony In Deposition Unsealed, Reveals Few Details

Camille Cosby’s testimony in her deposition and a transcript of the questioning reveals that the wife of the embattled comedian Bill Cosby provided few answers, according to People magazine. Cosby claims she has “no opinion” on whether her husband’s extramarital affairs or procurement of Quaaludes for sex partners was “deceitful,” New York Daily News said in a recent report.

Camille Cosby has been a key player in the lawsuit of one of the most influential figures in American society: her husband, comedian Bill Cosby. He was the first black actor to star in a television series and gained worldwide fame with the ’80s sitcom, The Cosby Show. Camille was the one who handled the threads of Cosby’s career and was even attributed major creative contributions.

In 2015, Cosby tried to get the lawsuit against him thrown out, however, it was allowed to go forward by the courts. Camille Cosby was also forced to sit for deposition, but this didn’t mean she would have to testify at trial.

Dozens of women have accused the 78-year-old of sexual assault and he currently faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania in a case involving a former Temple University employee. Cosby has pleaded not guilty in this case. He is also currently engaged in a lawsuit brought against him by a few of his accusers.

Uproxx wrote that Camille Cosby was compelled to give a deposition in this lawsuit, but she ended up refusing to answer most questions that the plaintiffs’ lawyers asked. Camille’s deposition is being labed as extremely contentious and cut short by Cosby’s attorney, Monique Pressley.

A full transcript of the deposition was made public on Friday. CNN provided a snippet of transcript, and the below text is when an attorney for the Cosby’s accusers brought up his 2005 deposition in a separate case in which he admitted to giving sedatives to women he was planning to have sex with and that he tried to hide affairs from his wife. He also asked about their wedding vows.

“You would agree with me that obtaining Quaaludes to have sex with young women is a breach or violation of those vows that you had just told us about?” attorney Joseph Cammarata asked.

Camille Cosby replied, “I have no opinion of that.”

“Why not?” asked Cammarata.

“I just don’t.”

Within the transcript, after asking Camille about how much she values integrity in herself and others, Cammarata asks, “Now, can we agree that throughout your marriage, Mr. Cosby acted with a lack of integrity?”

Silent since last year, Camille had no choice but to speak. In recent months, dozens of women have launched lawsuits that accuse Bill Cosby of sexually abusing them. Many recounted a similar pattern: Cosby administered them a Quaalude — a sedative drug — without their consent which, when mixed with alcohol, facilitated sexual abuse. The accusations were not new. The testimonies of abuses had been in the press for two decades. But now there was an army of women — more than 50 — which have alleged abuse.

ABC News reports that Camille Cosby answered questions in the deposition Feb. 22 and again April 19 after her lawyers argued unsuccessfully to stop it. A judge ruled she would have to give a deposition but said she could refuse to answer questions about private communications between her and her husband.

Camille raised her five children and managed the career of her husband and according to sources, Camille is still attached to Bill and has said the couple”will face the situation together.”

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