'Survivor' And 'Big Brother' Star Caleb 'Beast Mode Cowboy' Reynolds Is Married And Talks About The Joy of Finding His True Love [Photos]

Chrissie Williams

Reality TV star Caleb Reynolds is a married man, and he couldn't be happier about it. Reynolds has searched his whole life to find the perfect person to share his life with, and now he's found her. The lucky woman's name is Ashley Jay Reynolds, and according to People, she's made reality TV fan favorite Caleb the happiest man alive.

The 28-year-old Army Veteran, who appeared on Big Brother 16 and Survivor, tied the knot with Ashley Jay on April 30 in Cadiz, Kentucky. They had 150 guests witness the "Beast Mode Cowboy" rustic style wedding.

Ashley wore a strapless, floor-length gown that was paired with traditional jewelry for the big day. Caleb wore a blue suit with a gray vest and tie and looked handsome, yet comfortable. Caleb's brother, Blake, performed the ceremony; he is the pastor of the local church.

Reynold revealed that the ceremony was small and private and included people who were important to Caleb and Ashley, including Jay's daughter, Kylie, who wore a beautiful flowing white dress with rustic and comfortable cowboy boots.

Reynolds said that Tai Trang spent a few days with him before the wedding and was a part of the big day. Reynolds stated that Tai is a dear friend and important to both Ashley and him. In the wedding picture posted on social media, Tai is in many of them. It is easy to see they have a real connection--a genuine friendship.

Tai wasn't the only former castaway from Survivor that attended his wedding. Anna Khait attended the happy celebration, too. Caleb survived 90 days in the Big Brother house and nine days on Survivor. Caleb suffered a heat stroke, and the medical team removed him from the competition. The producers of the show explained at the Reunion Show that they were scared that he may not survive--it was an actual life or death situation.

Since returning home from Survivor, Reynolds has resumed his job as a hunting guide and a personal trainer. His real passion is fitness, and it's apparent that both Ashley and Caleb share that in common. In the past year, they both have competed in fitness competitions.

"This has been one of the best moments of my life. The love that we share is more that any words given by man could explain. The coolest part is the fact that we are just getting started. If our love grows from this point on, then I can promise you she will become more of a priority than breathing. So get ready world here we come!"

Ashley explained that finding Caleb and marrying him has been a dream come true for her. She feels so lucky that they share a love that will never die and will continue for years to come. She feels that if their love is this strong now, imagine how much love they will feel for each other in 20, 30, or even 40 years from now.

"Each moment together is a reminder of how beautiful and endless our love is and will forever be. The world has never seen a love like ours – they will remember it even long after we're gone. It's a love so powerful that it truly will never die."

[Photo credit Caleb Reynolds' Facebook Page]