'This Is Us': Upcoming NBC Show's Trailer Viewed 31 Million Times In Three Days [Video]

Patricia Ramirez

The trailer for the upcoming NBC drama This Is Us is just about breaking the internet. It was viewed 31 million times in the first three days after its release, and it's a real tear-jerker. This Is Us features a cast full of big names and one of those plot-lines that weaves the seemingly unconnected lives of a handful of characters together in ways that viewers would never expect.

Grab a tissue and check out the trailer that has the internet buzzing.

This Is Us doesn't rely solely on sappy story lines to tug on viewer's heartstrings, either. The series is also betting and banking on some serious star power to pull off its much-hyped and reportedly intricate premise. (Think He's Just Not That Into You or Valentine's Day.) The This Is Us leads are none other than Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, and if the trailer is any indication, they leave little to the imagination.

Indeed, the internet-breaking This Is Us trailer opens with Ventimiglia in his birthday suit. That's enough to draw in a pretty substantial fan base in and of itself, especially if there's a chance of more made-for-network TV nudity in the show's future.

The This Is Us trailer also features an overweight woman trying to become comfortable in her own skin. You can see her leaving herself food notes, instructing her not to eat her birthday cake before her party. When she tries to ignore her advice to herself by ripping the note off of the cake box, there's another underneath.

Another This Is Us story line apparently focuses on a man who was abandoned at a fire station as an infant and his search to find his father. When he does find his long-lost dad, their emotional reunion is just as tumultuous as you'd expect it to be.

The This Is Us trailer also lets us in on one connection between the show's seemingly disconnected characters; they're all 36.

The This Is Us trailer was released on multiple platforms, from YouTube to Facebook to the NBC website. On Facebook alone, the trailer racked up 17 million views in under three days. The This Is Us trailer officially broke the record for Facebook trailer streams which was set last year by Legends Of Tomorrow.

Not only is the This Is Us trailer the most viewed trailer among those released to showcase new shows hitting the airwaves for the 2016-2817 fall season, it's almost the most-watched TV trailer for all upcoming fall shows. The only show to fare better than This Is Us is the much-anticipated reboot of Prison Break on Fox. That show, however, has a legion of faithful fans dating back to its earlier run. Prison Break ran from 2005-2009, and many of its watchers were devastated when Fox pulled the plug.

So, what do you think? Did you check out the This Is Us trailer? Do you think the series will be as good as the hype? Do you plan on checking out This Is Us this fall on NBC?

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