Nicki Minaj Tweets ‘Don’t Drop The Soap’ — Twitter Goes Crazy

One simple tweet from Nicki Minaj is causing a flurry of speculation on Twitter. As seen below, Minaj tweeted a suggestion to some unknown person to not drop the soap, and she included an emoji of a monkey with his hands covering his eyes. The tweet has received more than 5,000 likes on Twitter, and has been retweeted thousands of times. Nicki’s tweet from May 21, is one among many — but is causing lots of buzz online. The edict warning others to not drop the soap is a common refrain told to men headed to prison, or said to those already in prison.

The image of dropping the soap puts the person in prison that dropped the soap in the vulnerable position of having to bend over to pick up the soap. The fear is that the naked person could then be sexually assaulted or sodomized from such a position.

Normally, tweeting such an edict wouldn’t necessarily be recognized much — however, with her brother being under the public eye as of late, Minaj’s fans are connecting her tweet with her brother.

As reported by Gossip Cop, 37-year-old Jelani Maraj was arrested in December of 2015 due to allegations that Jelani sexually assaulted a 12-year-old child. Nicki had recently appeared in photos prior to his arrest that showed her celebrating with her brother during his wedding, which occurred only months before his arrest.

While reports had been debunked that claimed Nicki had asked President Obama to pardon her brother for crimes that could land him in prison for 20 years or more, the fact that Jelani is likely facing jail time is certain.

As reported by The Sun, the grand jury that deliberated against Jelani took a full month to come to their decision. That decision included the determination that the Nassau County Court discovered there was indeed enough proof to charge Maraj with several child rape charges. Since the child was younger than 13-years of age, Jelani was hit with charges that included the sexual misconduct against a child, as well as predatory sexual assault against a child.

Jelani also faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child. While Jelani plead not guilty to the charges against him in Nassau County Court, he was able to escape the sex crimes division of the court when Maraj was bailed out twice. Both times Jelani was bailed out of jail — each time released on $100,000 bond — Maraj was reportedly bailed out by his mom.

Jelani’s victim reported that Maraj sexually assaulted the 12-year-old for an ongoing period of time that lasted for several months. The most recent time Jelani’s victim said he raped her was the day prior to his arrest. Whereas Nicki had not been quoted as commenting on the rape allegations or situation with her brother, many of her fans are interpreting her tweet as a statement about her brother’s possible pending prison time.

As such, the responses that Nicki is receiving on Twitter show fans writing everything from reactions that they’ve lost respect for the superstar, to those who understand her point of view. The common thread among the replies to Nicki’s tweet shows plenty of GIFs showing shocked reactions.

“Is she shading her brother?”

Can we stop talking about that horrible person and move the topic to that Fergie collab?”

“Ooh! I love it when Queen Onika is online!”

“Who went to jail sis?”

“I’ll drop it in front of you ;)”

“Ya brother???”

Whereas many folks assume Nicki was tweeting about her brother, some are writing comments about her potentially writing about a hacker.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]