Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Rumors: Is She Playing Favorites?

There has been a lot of things that have stood out this political season, but one thing in particular has been Hillary Clinton/ Debbie Wasserman Schultz rumors. One of the major ones regarding these two would be whether Schultz is playing favorites. There are a lot of opinions on this either way, and Bernie Sanders supporters are actually pretty perturbed by the alleged treatment Wasserman Schultz has bestowed upon them. Indeed, Sanders is allegedly so upset about the situation that he is planning on voting against the DNC Chairman in her primary contest. Sanders has said he would back Tim Canova of the Florida 23rd Congressional District. He also admitted that he would definitely replace Wasserman Schultz if he is elected President of the United States.

Indeed, the Hillary Clinton Debbie Wasserman Schultz story is one that goes back throughout this political season. Some have noted how the Hillary Clinton Debbie Wasserman Schultz favoritism has been on display at least five separate times. First of all, she violated DNC rules by scheduling primary debates at times where they wouldn’t be as many viewers. She actually scheduled one of the early Manchester, NH debates on a Saturday, which coincided with an NFL game. She also has been accused of rigging the debate with Clinton supporters in order to make it look like she was winning all of the debates.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Debbie Wasserman Schultz during an interview last year. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Moreover, there was another situation of obvious bias where it was noted last year that one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices in Nevada was located in the same building utilized for the Democratic National Headquarters within that state as well. This is yet another case of obvious bias because the Bernie Sanders campaign was not even offered a chance to have offices right at the DNC convention headquarters in any state, much less that of Nevada. This problem was definitely highlighted just recently, as there were reports of violence between Nevada Democrats loyal to Bernie Sanders to those who favor Hillary Clinton.

Of course, there are other things regarding the Hillary Clinton/ Debbie Wasserman Schultz rumors as well. There is the curious case of the DNC finance chair, one Henry R. Munoz III, who was actually caught last summer organizing a fundraiser for Hillary. While these aren’t the actions of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as the head honcho she could easily delegate this dirty, double-dealing to an underling such as Munoz. Of course, this is an obvious violation of the rules, which state in the DNC handbook that no representative of the organization will be in favor of any candidate.

Another issue regarding the Hillary Clinton Debbie Wasserman Schultz bias rumors would be where there was actual courting of party bosses, known notoriously as Superdelegates, long before there was even any primary contests whatsoever. That means that not only did Bernie Sanders lose out, but the other Democrat contenders did as well. Jim Webb never had a chance, nor did Martin O’Malley or Lincoln Chafee either.

Thus, there can be no question that many of the Bernie Sanders supporters are fuming over the obvious bias they see from Wasserman Schultz over Hillary Clinton. If the Democratic Party is not careful, they could very easily end up with a situation just like 1968 all over again. Sanders supporters have taken to Twitter to vent their animosity, with such hashtags as #DebbieDowner, #DownwithDebbie, and #DumpDebbie. People need to realize this is a year like no other, and absolutely no one wants a coronation of yet another establishment candidate again this election cycle. People are tired of bias, they are tired of the gamesmanship, and they want to make their voices heard. That is why many find the Hillary Clinton Debbie Wasserman Schultz favoritism rumors very disgusting.

Wasserman Schultz at a speaking engagement in Milwaukee
(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

[Photo by Jim Mone/AP Images]