Did Prince Die Several Hours Before 911 Call? New Details Emerge In His Death

A month after Prince was found dead at his home is Paisley Park, Minnesota, new details surrounding his death have slowly begun to emerge. As reported by People, citing information from Star Tribune, evidence suggests that Prince had been dead for at least six hours before his body was found in an elevator on April 21. The report states that a responding paramedic was the one who told this information to others at the scene.

According to the publication, the paramedics who attended the scene said the musician had been dead for hours. As already known, local authorities received a call at 9:43 a.m. local time when medical assistance was requested. When paramedics arrived at the scene, Prince was unconscious in the elevator. It was here when a medical professional told authorities and different staff members that the “Purple Rain” singer appeared to have been dead for at least six hours before being found at his residence.

Although authorities are not yet in possession of the results of toxicology tests on Prince, apparently research suggests an explanation as to why there was a doctor at his residence the day before his death.

According to information published by TMZ, police want to know if Prince could have died from a combination of the powerful prescription medication Percocet and other drugs.

Michael Schulenberg told authorities that he went to the singer’s mansion to deliver the results of some laboratory tests carried out in recent days. However, with Schulenberg was Andrew Kornfeld, son of Dr. Howard Kornfeld, known in California for their treatments to overcome addictions to substances.

When police arrived at the residence of Prince Andrew, they discovered a package of buprenorphine pills, which are used to treat opiate addiction. Andrew Kornfeld’s lawyers held a press conference to explain that he was not in the residence to administer the pills to Prince, but to give them to a doctor. Hence, the police are looking for a link between the presence of Kornfeld and Schulenberg with the death of Prince.

Prince had a reputation for being stern with his band musicians who consumed drugs. In his tours, marijuana use was not allowed nor could members drink alcohol. His lifestyle was healthy and years ago he was vegan. If one of them fell into drug addiction, the artist was willing to pay the cost of treatment. Their customs open many questions about his use of painkillers to relieve pain in his hip, which had been operated on.

It is known that the combination of Percocet and buprenorphine can have fatal consequences given that both can have the effect of suppressing breathing capacity. According to information published in several media sources, a few days before his death Prince had to receive emergency medical assistance for an overdose of Percocet.

TMZ previously reported that Prince went to his local Walgreens four times in the week leading up to his death. The publication also obtained a photo of Prince in the parking lot of the Walgreens hours before he died. According to witnesses, he was pacing and agitated, waiting for someone to bring out his medication.

Meanwhile, the Carver County Sheriff’s Department recently told USA Today that some portions of the work of the medical examiner are taking longer than normal and a final report on why Prince died is still a week or two away.

“It’ll be done when it’s done… The goal has always been to do it right, not fast,” Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud was quoted as saying.

Authorities have said neither foul play nor suicide is suspected.

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