Jesse Wellens And Jeana Smith: ‘BFvsGF’ YouTube Stars Split After 10 Years Amid Cheating Rumors

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith are very popular YouTube stars, known for their BFvsGF YouTube channel.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Jesse and Jeana came to major prominence when Jesse uploaded a video to their YouTube channel that Jesse eventually deleted. Jeana and Jesse titled that video “Please Help” — a heartbreaking video that displayed Jesse’s desperation to find his mother, who had been missing. Unfortunately, that search came to a tragic end, as seen in the below tweet from Jeana during that time.

Now Jesse and Jeana are back in the public eye in a big way because they recently announced their break-up.

The video titled “A New Chapter” was uploaded to the popular YouTube channel on May 18, and in four days swelled to more than 4 million views. In the very deep video, Jeana and Jesse both seem very upset as they explain that the stress of a daily vlog was one of the factors that really hurt their relationship. Ironically, Jeana and Jesse bemoan the fact that many people will watch their breakup video without having watched any of their other videos that they’d rather viewers watch instead.

The couple also spoke of being saddened that they even had to make a video announcing their split to their viewers, but both Jeana and Jesse knew that they owed it to their YouTube viewers to explain what was going on in their relationship. Jeana said she felt stupid, and Jesse repeated those feelings.

Warning: The below video of Jeana and Jesse speaking of their split contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

Jeana and Jesse explained that their relationship has had problems in the past that they didn’t display in their YouTube videos. While the couple doesn’t exactly know where they’ll go after the video announcement of their split, both of them hoped that their YouTube viewers would support them no matter what.

In the video, the couple explained that Jeana would stay put, and Jesse would move on — with Jeana stating that she didn’t even understand why they were breaking up. Because of the emotional nature of the YouTube video, the description described why they felt the need to disable the comments on the video.

“We disabled the comments on this video because that is what we need to avoid. We can’t be publicly judged on our relationship anymore, especially for this video.”

However, speculation over the real reasons behind Jeana and Jesse’s split are already being bandied about on the web. As reported by Hollywood Take, speculation that Jesse may have had a crush on Kristina Askerova is being discussed, along with cheating rumors. Even though claims of cheating are being written about, one Instagram commentator claimed that the girl in question is actually Jesse’s cousin.

“Y’all wild that girl you keep saying Jesse cheated on with Jenna is his cousin.”

And then there is the shocking twist reported by Jesse himself, with Wellens admitting on Twitter that he might have a 14-year-old daughter who he wants to find.

Meanwhile, on the social media pages of both Jesse and Jeana, fans are leaving comments of support — along with theories about what they think really happened to cause the popular couple to split.

With theories that run the gamut from some people assuming the breakup video was a horrible prank to those who believe the cheating rumors — most fans understand that Jesse and Jeana have gone through a rough patch.

“I just watched your recent video… I actually cried.. You are one of my most favorites channels of all time.. Whatever happens, I’ll support you…”

Plenty of those fans are vowing to support them, well after the split.

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