Kylie Jenner: Ways She’s Making Tyga Jealous And More On Demi Rose Mawby

Kylie Jenner has a lot to celebrate about in her life — if one doesn’t talk about the alleged sex tape, that is. She just bought a $6 million pad in Hidden Hills and is a successful young lady. However, let’s not forget that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star just had a breakup and that can be disappointing in most cases. But she is not wasting any time crying. The young star has already been seen hanging out with PartyNextDoor, 22, and although there is nothing going on between the two, it could make Tyga jealous.

“They are just friends and there is nothing serious going on between them,” a source close to Jenner tells People about the relationship. “She is hanging out with him to make Tyga jealous.”

However, whether it is working on Tyga isn’t clear, but she is surely not paying a lot of attention to all the girls he’s been hanging around with lately.

“She knows these other girls don’t really have much on her,” the insider said.

One advantage of being a Kardashian probably is the confidence that comes with it and it seems like Kylie Jenner certainly knows how to handle the situation.

“She is super confident about what she has to offer, so she doesn’t let it affect her too much. She’s taking everything one step at a time right now as she is still hurt by the situation, but in no way will she let it drag her down.”

That’s certainly a winner’s attitude. What do you think?

However, is it as easy as it seems? Could she ignore just about everything she sees Tyga doing? Certainly not. It is definitely not easy on her.

“Tyga was a big part of her life for years and it’s not easy to see him messing around with a bunch of models now, especially when they had such major trust issues.”


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But it seems like Kylie Jenner is definitely trying to stay focused and not pay attention.

“But she’s trying to live her own life and not pay attention to all of that,” the source adds. And then she always has her new home to keep her happy!

While Kylie Jenner may be slightly hurt, Tyga seems to have totally moved on. Inquisitr reported that Tyga was seen at Cannes with his new girlfriend, Demi Rose Mawby. So, who is she, after all?


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Demi Rose is a British lingerie model and is every inch as attractive as Kylie Jenner. Demi has said that she’s always wanted to be a model and posing for the camera is her favorite thing to do. She said she thought she was too short to model, but her determination kept her going.

“At 5’2 I never thought I would be able to break into modeling as I thought I was too short but I gave it a shot, applied to an agency and after 24 hours my modeling career began.”

When the person you're with doesn't like coffee and you're confused af

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And her parents don’t seem to mind at all, Daily Mailreported. They support her in what she does.

“We don’t mind at all. She always said she wouldn’t do nudity not that we’ve told her not to, her pictures are racy and suggestive but she shows them all to us.”

Her parents believe that if their daughter has the goods, she must flaunt them too.

“We’re right behind her. She’s such a beautiful girl, why shouldn’t she? If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

5'2 little miss

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They go on to say that one must not believe everything that they see in the media and that she is nothing like what she seems.

“She’s very kind and a really down-to-earth girl – nothing like what we are seeing in the press.”

Do you think Kylie Jenner and Tyga have broken up for good?

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