June 19, 2016
Lisa Toney, Sienky Lallemand: 'Snapped Killer Couples' Airs Pipe Bomb Gift Explosion Death Of Marcus Toney

Lisa Toney, the 45-year-old wife who helped her bisexual lover, Sienky Lallemand, steal her husband's identity and kill him with a pipe bomb, is the inspiration for tonight's Snapped: Killer Couples. Marcus Toney, a college janitor, was killed in his apartment home 16 years ago.

Tonight's episode titled, "Lisa Toney And Sienky Lallemand," will tell the story of a hard-working Chicago janitor who dies in a home explosion after opening a gift package that was sent to his address. The tragic story of Marcus Toney will be told through first-person interviews with people who knew and loved him. The police detectives will also give their perspective on the case. Today, Lisa Toney and Sienky Lallemand are serving time in prison for the pipe bomb death.

People who knew Marcus Toney had nothing but good things to say about him. He was a simple man who worked hard to provide for his family. And it seemed like Marcus and Lisa made a good couple. She took good care of him, always making sure that he was fed and clothed everyday before she sent him off to work. They say Marcus was a real man -- a true-husband -- that Lisa Toney should have felt proud to have.

However, Lisa Toney, a woman in her 40s, became bored with what they had and asked for a separation. Marcus later found out that she had met a charismatic man named Sienky Lallemand, who seemed to be the man of her dreams, even though, he engaged in sex with drag queens and engaged in criminal activities. He spent a lot of money on Lisa and showered her with the finest gifts. And the lovemaking? They say Sienky Lallemand was a real expert who knew just how to please a woman and a man because he had studied the art of seduction. As one could imagine, with Lallemand's big muscles and good looks, he seemed like a real prize to someone like Lisa Toney, who had been married to the same nice-but-boring man for years.

[embed]https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=330664833720931&set=a.111382322315851.14081.100003322523840&type=3&permPage=1[/embed]First, Sienky Lallemand got Lisa hooked on him sexually, then he began suggesting that she use her husband's credit to continue to fund their lavish lifestyle. Surprisingly, Lisa Toney agreed, and before long, she was helping him steal Marcus Toney's identity. Marcus eventually found out about it after he started receiving bills and collection calls. It bothered him tremendously because he was a stickler for having exceptional credit.

Prosecutors say that Lisa Toney eventually wanted her husband completely out of the picture. To carry out the plan, Sienky Lallemand, a professional con artist, made a pipe bomb, and had it wrapped in a gift box before delivering it to Marcus Toney's home. When Marcus received it, he didn't want to open it. Illinois court records indicate what happened next.

"On the evening of February 15, 2000, Alphonso Butler had dinner with his best friend Marcus Toney. Mr. Butler and Mr. Toney went to Mr. Toney's house after dinner because Mr. Toney had received a strange package that he believed to be from his estranged wife. The package was on the table in Mr. Toney's living room. The package contained a second box inside an outer box that Mr. Toney believed might contain a VCR. Butler alleges that Mr. Toney asked him to open the box, but when he began to do so, Mr. Toney stepped in front of him and opened the box himself. The box contained a pipe bomb, which detonated when opened. The blast killed Mr. Toney and injured Butler."
The FBI and the local police were able to trace the package and the evidence back to Lisa Toney and Sienky Lallemand. Lisa was left to take the fall while Lallemand escaped to Jamaica with another lover and had plastic surgery to change his looks, according to the Chicago Tribune. He was finally caught and charged with murder. A jury found Lisa Toney and Sienky Lallemand guilty, and they were both sentenced to life in prison.

In a Facebook photo, it appears that this could be a prison baptism. Snapped: Killer Couples airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. central on Oxygen.


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