WWE News: WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Currently Backstage For ‘WWE Extreme Rules’

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has been out of action for months following a terrible injury that saw him tear his ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus. Clearly, he had one of the worst injuries that one could have, and yet the man was off crutches sooner than anyone expected. The expectation was that he would miss up to around July or August due to the fact that the injury was so severe, but because of the fact that he has healed so well, it appeared that he would be cleared before anyone expected him to be.

Now he has been cleared by doctors to come back to the ring. Due to this, we all started to wonder when The Architect would show up to make an impact upon his return. It may very well be on tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules broadcast. According to PWInsider, Seth Rollins is currently backstage for the event. While it is uncertain if he will appear, the fact that he is there at all is a pretty big deal.

The show takes place in Newark, New Jersey. This is nowhere close to where he lives or where he was doing rehabilitation. This makes most feel that Seth Rollins will return tonight on the show. On top of this, he is scheduled to be on this week’s WWE RAW and SmackDown tapings. Knowing this, it would make total sense for him to appear tonight and make a huge impact.

Rollins with US and World Title
Interestingly, the main event for Extreme Rules between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns is going to be an extreme rules match. This will allow AJ and Roman to do whatever they feel is needed to win or retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It is expected that we will see Jimmy and Jay Uso, as well as Club members Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. However, someone unexpected would clearly be Seth Rollins. Rollins very well could make his mark on the match.

We’ve heard for months that WWE was considering the idea of having Rollins vs Reigns for the WWE World Title. The storyline was originally set for WWE Money in the Bank, where Rollins would come out with his own WWE World Title at the end of the match where Roman retains his. He would then challenge Reigns to a match to see who the real champion is, due to the fact that Rollins never lost his title.

That match then would have taken place at WWE Battleground. However, due to AJ Styles working hurt, it looks as if WWE has decided to move up storylines so that AJ can be written out for a bit in favor of Rollins. It was always planned for Rollins to be Reigns’ next opponent, but the plan was for the Styles/Reigns storyline to conclude at Money in the Bank. Styles does need time out, so it looks like there will be some sort of angle allowing him to go. If not, AJ will work a limited schedule after Extreme Rules tonight.

Reigns Rollins
Since Seth Rollins has been cleared, it makes total sense for him to come in and work in a top tier storyline immediately upon his return. The rumor is that WWE will attempt to have Rollins come back as a heel, but it is doubtful fans will allow such. Rollins was getting fan love before he was even hurt last year. When he returned to accept the Superstar of the Year award for 2015, the fans went nuts for him.

Now that he has been missed even more so, it makes sense for fans to cheer for him no matter what. If he goes against Reigns, the fans will cheer for Rollins regardless of what the company does storyline wise for him. At this point, the fans want to love Seth Rollins and will do even if they book The Captain as a heel going forward. It will be interesting to see how WWE goes about working this storyline. Expect things to become a lot clearer upon his return however.

[Image via WWE]