Blac Chyna Having Twins? ‘ChyMoji’ Creator Criticized For Buying Her Mother A Brand New Car [Video]

Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s fiancée, has gone out of her way to do something nice for her mother — she bought her mom a brand new 2016 Nissan Maxima sedan! Blac Chyna has been criticized for the sweet gesture, however, with some followers claiming that she’s only able to buy expensive gifts because she’s about to become part of the first family of reality TV.

Back in 2010, Blac Chyna and her mother, Shalana Jones Hunter, also known at Tokyo Toni, were having a difficult time making ends meet. At the time, Blac Chyna was working in a Miami nightclub as a stripper while her mother was evicted from her Washington, D.C. apartment.

However, the family that once had difficulty making ends meet seems to have come out on top, and Blac Chyna is ready to celebrate with her mother. Purchasing the brand new vehicle from a dealership in Maryland, Blac Chyna shared the special moment with her Snapchat followers.

“Today was an amazing day,” Chyna shared with her fans, revealing that she “[g]ot my Mom a fully loaded 2016 Nissan, exactly what she asked for!” While her mother, Tokyo Toni, regularly makes headlines for her incomprehensible social media shares that typically slam the Kardashian family, Blac Chyna shared a different side of her mother over Snapchat.

Confiding that Tokyo Toni is “not a flashy person,” Blac Chyna was “so Happy that I was able to do this for her! LOVE YOU MOM!!” Naturally, Toni was equally happy, and telling her daughter “Thank you Chyna!” as she sat inside the new car. In the video, viewers could also see Chyna and her mother celebrating to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy.”

Taking her mother to a car dealership was just a quick stop on Blac Chyna’s birthday bash tour, which started in Miami, and brought both Chyna and Rob Kardashian to Washington, DC. Blac and Rob celebrated the Chymoji founder’s 28th birthday at the Bliss nightclub.

While Blac Chyna was very sweet to buy her mother a new car, the model has been criticized, with followers claiming she’s only spending Rob’s money, and, moreover, that Blac Chyna is just a gold digger. Fans point to the fact that Blac Chyna and Rob had only been hanging out for a short while before Chyna became pregnant, and the speed with which the couple became engaged.

The couple announced they were pregnant just weeks after announcing they were engaged, practically breaking the internet and sending the Kardashian family into a tailspin. At the time Rob announced he is getting married, the rest of his family were on a ski vacation when the news broke, and refused to speak to the media about the sudden engagement.

The family has come around, however, and now welcome Blac Chyna as part of their family, especially since Rob is so excited about becoming a father. In fact, as Blac Chyna presented her mother with the new car, Rob stood by smiling that his future mother-in-law was so happy.

While Tokyo Toni shared her enthusiasm that her daughter gifted her with a brand new car, the “Glamma” also recently shared something else: that Blac Chyna might be pregnant with twins!

While insiders haven’t confirmed whether Blac and Rob are expecting more than one baby, Toni shared a Chymogi of herself, captioning the picture with “Twins!!!!? ‘Fresh Pamper smell’ #Itsalotofwork. I’m 5 months pregnant I’m having twins! 2 boys. One is named Barney and the other Fred.” Although the caption is difficult to follow, and it’s not clear whether it’s a joke or meant to drum up publicity, it’s probable Toni is referring to her daughter.

What do you think? Is Blac Chyna just spending Rob’s money? Is she pregnant with twins? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]