‘Missing Dial’ Update: Cody Dial’s Parent Share Details Of Body Found, Headed To Identify

Tonight is the start of the new show, Missing Dial, on National Geographic, and just as the show is starting, there is a huge break in the case. It appears that the body of Cody Dial may have been found, and National Geographic shared that Cody’s parents are on their way to identify the body. After a search that started in 2014, it appears that Cody Dial may have finally been located. These remains were found in the Costa Rican jungle, where Cody was out alone when he went missing.

Cody went into the area with only a map and his backpack. In Costa Rica, you are required to have a travel guide along with you, but Cody Dial didn’t do this, and his parents never heard from him again. Cody’s father, Roman Dial, now thinks he has been found and said, “It is with profound sadness and incredibly mixed emotions that I can say my son’s remains have likely been found.”

These remains were found by a local man under a tree in the Corcovado jungle. Cody was last seen in Dos Brazos, and this was about a three to five-hour walk from there. The FBI contacted Cody Dial’s parents about the body on Thursday, and they were able to identify a pair of shoes that were found near the body. These appear to be a pair of shoes that Cody owned.

Now, Cody Dial’s parents are on their way to Costa Rica to identify the body and see if it belongs to Cody Dial. They have still been holding out hope that Cody was alive, but they also want closure, which finding his body would give them.

The odd thing is that this area has been searched for Cody Dial before, and they didn’t locate him. It has everyone wondering if they just missed something or if Cody’s remains could have been moved to this area. There is a team of Costa Rican law enforcement officials, and experts are en route to the scene who will try to figure this out. When Cody went missing, authorities searched the area for 12 days, and Cody’s dad, Roman, also searched on his own, even though he didn’t have permission. They also started the show, Missing Dial, and went and looked for Cody. He even had a team from an Anchorage wilderness survival school help him out.

Roman shared that he came to the conclusion that Cody wasn’t lost in the jungle. The U.S. embassy had been holding onto Cody’s backpack, which had been at a hostel in Puerto Jiménez. This is crazy, because it proves that Cody did come back out of the jungle at one point. Cody allegedly went with a man named Pata de Loro (“Parrot’s Foot”) to Dos Brazos, and his dad even found his foam sleeping mat in a miner’s tent in that area. Everyone wants to know what really happened to Cody Dial. His dad even said that he knows that his son, Cody, was murdered, and there is a suspect, but he isn’t saying who or what happened.

People shared about the new show Missing Dial and what will happen on the show. Cody was on his own tour of Central America when he went missing. The show will center around trying to find him. Hopefully, they will share updates based on what they have recently found at the end of the show. Roman says the film crew being there helped and within one week of starting to look they had a big break in the case.

Do you think that this body belongs to Cody Dial? Are you shocked to hear that they possibly found him around the same time that the reality show is starting? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss Missing Dial when it airs on Sunday nights on National Geographic. This will be a six-week mini-series.

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