Adam Lind Ditches Daughter Before Father-Daughter Dance, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Blows Off Aubree [Video]

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Adam Lind won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” awards in the near future. In fact, he is one of the least liked men in the Teen Mom franchise. Lind is the father of Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree. They appear on Teen Mom 2 right now, and got their start on 16 & Pregnant. While the two tried to make their relationship work, Houska eventually got sick of it and walked away. Lind’s daughter lives with her mom, though he does get some visitation with her. Over the last two years, Adam has tried to clean up his act and do the right things for both of his daughters, but it seems like he just can’t quite seem to make it work.

There has been a lot of talk of Adam Lind wanting to file for joint custody with Chelsea Houska. He has been getting his life together, including buying a home and having steady work. Houska took Lind back to court for child support, and that wasn’t a positive thing. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Adam Lind blew Aubree off for the father and daughter dance. Instead of him escorting his daughter, Cole DeBoer took his soon-to-be stepdaughter. The episode of Teen Mom 2 where this happens airs tomorrow night.

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Chelsea Houska has been talking about what a bad father Adam Lind has been to her daughter for several seasons. There have been several red flags that have suggested Adam doesn’t spend much time with Aubree when she is in his care. From the conversations Aubree has with her mom and her grandmother, Lind sits on his phone while Aubree is visiting. While all of this has come out on camera from Teen Mom 2 episodes, Adam gives off a completely different vibe when talking about Aubree. He has been trying to get Houska to allow him more time with his daughter, especially so she can play with her sister, Paislee.

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During one of the visits Adam Lind had with Aubree and his other daughter Paislee, he made a huge mistake. While he thought hanging with his friends and taking his kids to an indoor play area would be harmless, he was wrong. Lind exposed both of his daughters to a man who is a registered sex offender. While nothing happened, it was a scary situation for the mothers to have to learn about secondhand. It was never determined whether or not Adam was aware of the issues his friend had, but there has been no comment about it since the Teen Mom 2 episode aired.

Fans have taken up for Adam Lind when Chelsea Houska attempts to write him out of Aubree’s life. He is her father legally, and should be able to have rights to his daughter. Since Houska has met Cole DeBoer, she has allowed Aubree to call him her other “daddy” or “Coley daddy” on several episodes of Teen Mom 2. Lind is clearly uncomfortable with that, especially since he spoke out about Houska trying to get Aubree’s last name hyphenated to DeBoer once the couple marries.

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Despite his attempts to convince everyone he wants to be Aubree’s father, Adam Lind has given his daughter some major let downs. After Aubree got all dressed up for the father-daughter dance, he neglected to show up. Thankfully, Cole DeBoer was waiting in the wings and was able to take her. As Aubree gets older, the disappointments will hurt more. Adam has been given plenty of shots to get his act together, but has not fully gotten there yet. Adam Lind has been working toward being a better father, but his latest move of standing up his little girl was one he may not come back from.

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