Tropical Storm Isaac: Florida Declares State Of Emergency

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency this morning as Tropical Storm Isaac continues on its way toward the state.

The Governor said that he declared a state of emergency to make sure that state, local, and federal officials could coordinate their preparations for the storm. Florida is also preparing to host the GOP convention and Scott said he wanted to make sure that all of the state’s visitors were safe during Tropical Storm Isaac.

Scott said:

“While Florida is facing another tropical storm, our State Emergency Response Team prepares for these types of weather events year round. The Executive Order is a normal step in these preparations, activating resources to assist local officials in response to an emergency. Florida’s emergency response officials are accustom to protecting the 19 million residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors that are here every day… I am leading twice daily briefing with local, state, federal partners as well as those involved with the Republican National Convention. Preparation is a key to success and all visitors can be assured they are safe in Florida.”

Several airports in Florida have closed but the airport in Tampa, where the convention will be held, is still open. The Huffington Post reports that Tropical Storm Isaac is not expected to make a direct hit on Tampa but the city is expected to experience heavy rain and strong winds.

A hurricane warning has been issued for the Florida Keys and Scott urged vacationers to vacate the area.

Isaac has already been blamed for three deaths in Haiti. The storm hit the small island last night and flooded several areas. It is expected to hit the Florida Keys late on Sunday.