Jules Wainstein Dishes On Bethenny Frankel’s Beef With Sonja Morgan, Defends Her Need For A Nanny, And Ramona Singer’s Run In With John Mahdessian

'Real Housewives of New York' star Sonja Morgan at a Cancer gala in 2016

When newcomer Jules Wainstein first debuted on Real Housewives of New York several weeks ago, fans didn’t immediately like her. They felt she lacked self-awareness, and seemed a little aloof. Weeks later, people seem to like her a bit more as she is more open to the viewers and letting them into her world.

Jules wrote her Bravo blog this week and addressed Bethenny Frankel’s beef with Sonja Morgan’s Tipsy Girl, defended her need for a full-time nanny, and stood by her good pal John Mahdessian after another run-in with Ramona Singer.

Wainstein believes that Bethenny should encourage Sonja in her business ventures. Jules explains that she didn’t think Sonja meant any harm by her business idea and wasn’t sure if she even came up with the idea herself. She feels as women, they need to empower each other and refrain from tearing each other down. She wishes Sonja success and hopes that she and Bethenny can work out their issues with each other.

“I loved watching Sonja take a bold leap into a new business venture and wish her and every other female business owners all the success in the world! There is no monopoly on success or happiness, and I still believe that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so why not mentor one another, support one another, encourage one another? Let’s make ourselves relevant by lifting each other up, not shaming each other down.”

Jules said that while John could have handled Ramona Singer better on Wednesday’s episode of RHONY, he wasn’t wrong. He had the right idea to kick Ramona and Rey out of the party. John cannot help but have an attitude with Singer, because of all the drama he’s been through with Dorinda Medley. One thing no one can deny is he should have kept his fingers out of her face. Dorinda was right when she said that John had the right idea, but failed in the execution.

“A person’s actions might be correct and well-intentioned, but when you are reactive without thinking things through, it undermines your actions. A man should never let another man be crude and disrespectful to any women (or men) at his party, but a man should also never aggressively put a hand anywhere close to a woman’s face or body. But people can be reactive, and people make mistakes.”

RHONY viewers reacted, perhaps harshly, when they heard Jules say that because her nanny abruptly quit that she hasn’t had time to shower or have alone time with her husband in over a week. Wainstein has two children who both attend school all day long. So, why couldn’t the RHONY star shower when they were at school? She never fully explained what she was doing while they were in school.

Wainstein noted that she takes her job as a mother very seriously, and needs a nanny to make sure her home runs smoothly. She considers herself a CEO of the home, and as she pointed out, CEOs have help to run their companies. Wainstein never expected nor wanted a “mommy war” from her comments. As the same time, Jules will not apologize or explain why she needs as much help as she does in her home.

“I need help running the little empire I call home, so I’ve learned how to delegate, and I don’t think any mom — not the stay-at-home mom, working mom, mom with no nanny, mom with two nannies, tiger mom, free-range mom, mom who meditates– needs to justify how much or little help she needs to be the best mom she can be.”

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