‘Little Women LA’: Fan Starts Petition To Have Lifetime Remove Briana Renee And Her Cheating Husband Matt From The Show

Fans of Little Women LA have been around to watch most of Briana Renee and her husband’s, Matt Ericson’s, relationship as they met, dated, and got married. What started out as an exciting whirlwind romance has turned into a nightmare pregnancy for the tiny star, who is now pregnant with her second child and dealing with Matt’s infidelity. Enough is enough, says one Lifetime fan who started a petition to have the troubled couple removed from the reality TV show.

The petition asks Lifetime to consider removing Briana and Matt from Little Women LA because of “several disturbing facts” about Matt Grundhoffer that many fans don’t like. The petition brings to light several allegations of abuse against Matt that include domestic violence and malicious mischief. Based on Matt’s upsetting past, fans are worried that he is a danger to Briana Renee, her daughter, her unborn child, and everyone else on the show.

“This message is that abuse, infidelity, disrespect towards women and hostility towards co-workers should be both tolerated and excused.”

Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer have made waves recently during the Little Women LA reunion show when castmates accused Matt of sexting with other women behind Briana’s back. It turns out those claims are true and have threatened to destroy the couple’s short-lived marriage right as Briana prepares to give birth to their son.

It was after the Little Women LA reunion show that Briana and Matt’s 2-part Lifetime special, Briana & Matt Ride Or Die, aired. Is it possible that the “ride or die” part has upset fans who think Briana Renee should leave her cheating husband Matt in the dust? The petition argues that instead of rewarding Matt Grundhoffer with his own Lifetime special after he is caught cheating on his wife, the network should remove him from the reality TV show instead.

Matt doesn’t seem to be all that committed if he keeps secretly sexting other women at random and then blaming her when he cheats. That’s exactly what happened in a recent episode when Matt tried to place all of the blame for his infidelity on Briana’s shoulders while she is trying to raise her daughter and successfully get through the pregnancy with their son.

The petition to remove Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer from Little Women LA makes it clear that the domestic violence charges, although shocking and rather disturbing, were dropped and his record remains clean at least from those incidents. That doesn’t make him less dangerous, according to the Change.org filing that has already amassed 200 signatures. There are just 300 more signatures needed in order to meet the petition writer’s goal and hopefully get someone’s attention at Lifetime. The Inquisitr recently reported that even Briana’s friends fear that Matt might be abusing her so it’s justified.

Those who have signed the Little Women LA petition have told Lifetime that they won’t be watching the next season of the show as long as Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer remain on the cast. The petition states, “Please help me send Lifetime, A&E, and their sponsors the message that we do not have any interest in financially supporting an alleged abuser, a misogynist, and a bigot by signing my petition.”

Once it has been completed, the signed petition will be delivered to Kim Chessler and Paul Hardy, both directors of reality TV at Lifetime. Now those involved in the petition to remove Briana and Matt are making sure it circulates amongst the fans and are hoping to collect enough signatures that Lifetime and their affiliates take fans seriously and do something about the allegations of abuse and cheating in Briana and Matt’s relationship or remove them from the show to prove that the mistreatment they have seen is not going to be tolerated.

Do you think that Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer should be removed from Little Women LA before another season of the Lifetime reality TV show returns? Tell us what you think and whether you signed the petition in the comments section below.

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