Pedophile Who Infected Toddler With Herpes, HIV, And Chlamydia To Serve Life In Prison

A 34-year-old man from Houston, Texas, was found guilty of rape upon a 14-year-old girl, as well as infecting a 23-month old toddler with herpes, HIV, and Chlamydia on Thursday.

David Wilson reportedly had sex with the teenage girl on multiple occasions, the final time he was unprotected.

David’s pedophilic tendencies were discovered in November of 2013, according to Metro, when the toddler in the case was taken to the hospital and found to have been infected with herpes, HIV, and chlamydia. Shocked, the parents looked for answers as to how the toddler might have become infected with the sexually transmitted diseases. According to the doctor, the toddler’s only means of contracting the diseases was through sexual abuse.

Police were contacted and an investigation proceeded. As a result, each adult in the house was tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Wilson was the only adult to return a positive result on all three sexually transmitted diseases.

After discovering that Wilson sexually abused the toddler, it was revealed that he also had sexual relations with the teenager as well. He attempted to defend his relationship with the teen, claiming that he was not sorry and that he was in love. He did not deny the relationship.

“I am not sorry we were together, no, I am sorry the HIV came into the situation, in relation to the teenager.”

‘[Wilson] would park on a cul-de-sac near her school and have sex in his car. The last time, they had unprotected sex’.’

Records show that Wilson was previously in prison in 2005 and 2009 for other sexual assaults upon a teenager.

Although Wilson had access to other children while living with the family, no other children were found to have been victims of his pedophile tendencies.

There is no report regarding whether the family was informed that Wilson is a registered sex offender or not.

In the case, the toddler suffered horribly as a result of being infected with herpes, HIV, and chlamydia. The toddler’s genitalia became disfigured due to the infections and required reconstructive surgery to correct the malformations.


Wilson was in court on Thursday to hear the final sentencing regarding the sexual assault on the toddler and statutory rape upon the teen. As the testimonies were heard, Wilson did not deny his actions, instead he defended them as he claimed to be in love with the teenager. The disturbing case sickened the prosecutors as they sat through the details of the case.

It is unknown whether Wilson believed his revelation of love for the teen would allow him to walk away or if it was a tactic to allow a plea of insanity. However, when officials retreated to discuss a final verdict, it only took an hour to return. Wilson was found guilty of his pedophile crimes and infecting the children with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

As a result of the verdict, Wilson will spend the remaining days of his life in jail, secured away from children.

Pedophile Who Infected Toddler With Herpes, HIV, and Chlamydia To Serve Life In Prison [Image Via Houston Police Department]Treatment on his victims will continue. Both are expected to continue medical treatment regarding the sexually transmitted diseases and the teenager will endure psychological treatment regarding the intimate situation she was coerced to engage in.

There has been no release regarding whether the teen girl felt as though she was in love with Wilson, as he claimed to be with her.

[Image Via Houston Police Department]