Bethenny Frankel Under Fire Over How She Handled Sonja Morgan Confrontation On ‘RHONY’

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Bethenny Frankel isn’t known for her nice approach to anything. She is rough around the edges and incredibly direct about what she needs or wants. Frankel was on the Real Housewives of New York for several seasons before taking a break and then returning once again. She has known Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan for several years, and the three are considered more like “frenemies” than actual girlfriends. This season, it was discovered that Morgan was going to have a brand of Prosecco that would mimic what Frankel had done with alcohol to form Skinnygirl. Ironically, Morgan chose the name Tipsygirl for her line.

Last Wednesday’s episode showed the confrontation between Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan on the Real Housewives of New York. This meeting had been pre-planned, especially since Frankel had a conversation with Carole Radziwill and Ramona Singer about how she intended to approach Morgan. While it may have been wrong to pounce the way she did, the two lines of alcohol are too similar for anyone to say it was just a fluke. According to All About the Tea, Bethenny Frankel is catching a lot of heat from viewers who believe she was too harsh on Morgan. Fans were upset at the way things were handled, especially because Bethenny did it in front of her entire office staff.

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Several months ago, there was some talk about Bethenny Frankel being upset about Sonja Morgan’s new endeavor. It was so much like the idea of Skinnygirl, and there were plenty of hurt feelings. Bethenny made her brand a household name, and she tried to mentor Morgan to help her get her business endeavors off the ground. Fans have watched over several seasons where Sonja Morgan has tried idea after idea, only to fail in the end. While Frankel may have approached the situation without a clear or level head, she was voicing her hurt and betrayal over what Sonja did.

When the confrontation went down, Bethenny Frankel didn’t ask her staff to leave. That has become one of the biggest issues the Real Housewives of New York fans seem to have. Sonja Morgan believed she was walking into a meeting with her mentor, not an “ambush,” as some have called it. Despite the way things went down, Frankel is not one to sugarcoat things. The brands are similar, and she accused Sonja of using a coattail name to get famous. Skinnygirl is a household name, and Tipsygirl is close enough that people could easily confuse the two.

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Fans are eagerly anticipating the next time Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan will cross paths. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Bethenny Frankel actually pities Sonja Morgan. Frankel insists she is done with her friend and no longer wants anything to do with her. Morgan played it off, thinking that Bethenny wouldn’t mind the similar name. In fact, before the conversation even took place, Morgan’s BFF, Ramona Singer, insinuated she was narcissistic. This happened at the dinner conversation with Frankel and Carole Radziwill. There was plenty of Sonja bashing happening, which made viewers question where their friendship lines are drawn.

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This season of the Real Housewives of New York has shed some new light on Bethenny Frankel. She is incredibly upfront and says what she is thinking. There has been somewhat of a softer side to her, even though several of the cast members would disagree. She had confrontations with Dorinda’s boyfriend, LuAnn, and Sonja. The viewers aren’t upset about the first two but definitely are not happy about the way she handled things with Morgan. However, if the shoe was on the other foot, things may have been taken to another level. Bethenny Frankel isn’t afraid of who she upsets, especially when it comes to her business and income.

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