Who Goes Home On ‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere Tonight? Who Scores First Dates With JoJo Week 2? [Spoilers]

The Bachelorette returns tonight, and JoJo Fletcher will start handing out roses and sending guys home after the first cocktail party of Season 12. Who gets eliminated on Week 1, and which guys get to move on to the first round of one-on-one and group dates on next week’s episode?

Get the scoop below, along with some Night 1 Bachelorette spoilers and several sneak-peek videos from what will undoubtedly be a season filled with drama and, perhaps, a love story.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 Spoilers Ahead]

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A cast of 26 single guys will meet JoJo on Monday night’s season premiere, but there are only enough roses for 20 men — and one extra that will be used for the first impression rose.

Fans can expect the usual corny introductions, including one contestant who dressed up as Santa just so he could say, “Jo…Jo…Jo!” Once she meets all of this season’s guys, the cocktail party gets underway, a night that JoJo tells E! Online was “crazy.”

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The crazy part she’s referring to may be something that’s a norm for just about every season of the Bachelorette — several drunk guys amuse themselves by downing booze while they wait for their turn to talk to JoJo. Of course, there’s always one guy who strips down and jumps in the pool on the first night.

This season’s spoilers point to model and personal trainer Daniel Maguire as the shirtless guy who takes a splash in the Bachelor Mansion pool. Does JoJo keep him around despite his antics? Find out below if he’s one of six guys who will leave on night one.

In addition to the craziness that will take place during the first cocktail party, JoJo will have to give out her first impression rose before the rose ceremony begins. According to Reality Steve, this season’s front-runner Jordan Rodgers gets the first impression rose and little something else from JoJo — a makeout session in the mansion.

However, her kiss with Jordan isn’t JoJo’s first on the season premiere, but it’s rumored to be a lot more passionate compared to the peck on the lips she gives Will, a civil engineer and fortune teller, in the video below. JoJo calls the kiss “awkward” and says she wasn’t ready for it, but viewers will see her swoon after she kisses Jordan, a contestant she calls “confident and sexy.”

“Jordan made out with her at the cocktail party the second time he talked to her,” Reality Steve states. “He wanted to kiss her the first time but didn’t. So made sure to pull her aside a second time and they made out.”

Before JoJo starts handing out roses at the first rose ceremony of the season, she entertains a few guests who are very familiar with the mansion. ABC reports that three former Bachelorette stars — Kaitlyn Bristowe, Des Siegfried, and Ali Fedotowsky — stop by to give JoJo a little advice as she embarks on her journey to find love.

Will she take their advice and figure out the difference between “red hot chemistry” and true love? Viewers will find out on August 1 when the season finale airs on ABC.

Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka returns to the mansion to shake things up on night one. The guys who think he is there to compete for the final rose, but he’s there as a friend to give JoJo a little encouragement.

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JoJo then heads to the first rose ceremony, where she hands out 20 roses and sends home six guys.

Spoilers indicate that the following six guys will be sent home on the Bachelorette Season 12 premiere: Nick Sharp, Sal DeJulio, Coley Knust, Jake (last name unknown, but it’s not Pavelka), Peter Medina, and Jon Hamilton.

Bachelorette JoJo Week 1 Eliminations
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The remaining 20 men will stay in the mansion for at least another week, moving on to Week 2 (May 30), where they will begin the first round of one-on-one and group dates in the Los Angeles area.

According to Reality Steve, Derek Peth gets the first one-on-one of the season — a picnic in San Francisco. The group date includes 6 guys (Alex, Jordan, Chad, James Taylor, Christian, and Nick B) who go to LA Live and the SportsNation studios with JoJo.

A second group date includes 10 men who attend a firefighter’s training course. That leaves three guys to sit around the mansion and do nothing next week.

Spoilers indicate that Will, Brandon,and James S. will be eliminated on Week 2.

The cast and crew will stay in California until Episode 4 when they will start traveling across the nation and around the globe. Check out the Bachelorette weekly episode schedule here (spoiler free), complete with the locations that JoJo and her guys will travel this season.

ABC’s two-hour Bachelorette season premiere begins at 9 p.m. ET on Monday, May 23.

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