‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Lead Contenders: Which Of JoJo Fletcher’s Guys Seem To Be Frontrunners For The Gig?

Fans are buzzing over the possibilities for the next 'Bachelor' to hand out roses

It is time for JoJo Fletcher’s journey as ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 lead to begin, and people are already starting to buzz about which guy may end up being tapped to become the Bachelor 2017 lead after her journey to find love plays out. It has become fairly standard for the franchise to go with someone from the prior season, so the likelihood of one of Fletcher’s guys getting the nod is very high. Which men seem likely to be under consideration?

Show host Chris Harrison shared his five guys to watch via Yahoo! TV, and it seems clear that at least a couple of these men are ones to keep an eye on as the series looks toward casting their Bachelor lead. Luke Pell is already a favorite of Harrison’s, and Chris also mentioned contestants Jordan Rodgers, Chad Johnson, Evan Bass, and Grant Kemp. While there is no guarantee that the next Bachelor will come out of this group, it seems fans will want to keep these guys on his radar.

The other big indicator when it comes to bachelors to watch is the final four men who receive hometowns during the Bachelorette. Blogger Reality Steve spoiled the four guys said to get JoJo’s hometown dates, and it is surely key to look at which man goes out after the overnight dates.

The person who goes out in essentially third place almost always becomes a frontrunner to be the lead the next season. That has certainly been the case for Ben Higgins, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Sean Lowe, Andi Dorfman, and Ashley Hebert, for example. Given that pattern, and in taking a look at the backstory of the supposed final four bachelors in Fletcher’s journey, there is one name that definitely pops out: Luke Pell.

Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that Luke is the one who is eliminated after the overnight fantasy suite dates, and Pell already has people buzzing about the potential that he will go on to become the next Bachelor lead. Harrison definitely likes this guy, and bets that viewers will too.

“Luke is one of my favorite guys this season and has one of the best stories. I am a sucker for people who serve. He went to West Point. He was a platoon leader in the Afghan war and he also has the ridiculous Hollywood leading man good looks. He is smart, kind, and charming. He is the whole package. He is a Texas boy, so he and JoJo have that in common. He really fits for JoJo. But he might be too perfect on paper but not add up in real life.”

Would Pell really go for the gig? He does have a strong military background, but he is currently pursuing a country music singing career. Given that, becoming the Bachelor lead could certainly build help establish his brand. Luke is garnering a fair amount of attention in Bachelorette promos, and he surely will be one to watch.

Granted, it is not uncommon for the franchise to be eyeing one contestant and then have to change gears as the season airs and the audience gravitates toward someone else. The runner-up doesn’t usually snag the lead gig, though that is exactly how things played out for JoJo Fletcher this spring. Both Jason Mesnick and Ben Flajnik were the second-place finishers, so it is possible that Fletcher’s runner-up could snag the opportunity if the audience falls in love with him.

It will be a while yet before an official decision is announced regarding the 2017 Bachelor season. Once Fletcher’s Bachelorette season wraps, viewers will see Bachelor in Paradise, and then production begins on The Bachelor. Will the franchise go with Luke Pell, as some suspect, or will one of the other guys from Season 12 this spring get the nod?

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