Aziz Ansari Speaks On Hollywood’s Diversity Problems

Aziz Ansari, actor and comedian, has much to say about Hollywood when it comes to diversity.

In a report by People magazine, Aziz spoke on the diversity that seems to plague movies and other various media. It’s no secret that Hollywood has been divided, especially with the recent whitewashing accusations that have been going on for months. Aziz brought Nicholas Sparks movies to the forefront of why he felt so strongly, recalling his experience with a poster that he had seen.

“There’s a poster right outside our writer’s room, it’s one of those Nicholas Sparks books where it’s just two white people just staring at each other,” Aziz began. “It’s like, there’s been 20 of those movies – not once is it a black woman staring into a guy’s eyes.”

It appears that Aziz has seen much of this in media, and he went on to elaborate on his thoughts.

“You know, everyone has romance in their lives,” Ansari stated. “It’s strange that every time it’s two white people falling in love.”

Many actors and actresses have come forth in the past to speak on this subject. The 2016 Oscars Academy Awards is a prime example of such controversy; the nominations were all white, and many individuals wondered why none of them were black. The same thing happened in 2015, and the two-year happening sparked much debate across the board. Aziz sees this, and he openly feels that the diversity issue is not getting any better.

“I looked at some lineup of like new shoes and it’s like, MacGyver, Training Day with a white guy – what are we doing?”

Of course, Aziz Ansari is a well-known actor. You may remember him as the star of Master of None, a series about an actor who has trouble making decisions. His personal experience behind the scenes of Hollywood has also given him insight into what he feels also contributes to the issue with diversity.

“Writer’s rooms can be the same,” Aziz mentioned. “You have a writer’s room and someone’s like, ‘Well let’s hire one black guy or one woman to be in this writer’s room.’ And it’s like, no you should hire a couple.”

It was reported by CNN that the makers of Gods of Egypt, a movie that cast predominantly white actors and actresses, apologized about the casting after being made aware that many were dissatisfied with the lack of diversity. There was major uproar on the matter, so much so that many were boycotting the movie. Since then, there have been a number of celebrities who stand on either side of the coin. Others find humor in it, choosing to laugh instead of making waves.

Aziz even went as far as to discuss what he felt about the lack of accountability with Hollywood’s diversity issues.

“Excuses get so tiresome and I think everyone’s seen through the b******t,” he began. “‘There’s just no stars that look like that.’ Well how come you find the white guy stars? You make it happen for people that look a certain way… And the people that are part of the system, they know how to make someone famous, they just don’t do it for people who [don’t] look a certain way.”

It’s not just racial, either. Aziz Ansari has also made mention of the issues that females face in Hollywood. They appear to be targeted for foot fetishes, and Aziz recalls being told by Audrey Plaza that Google searches yield results that deal primarily with her feet.

What do you think about Aziz Ansari’s thoughts on diversity in Hollywood? Do you agree with him? Do you believe that he’s simply stirring things up that may not be there? Let us know in the comments below.

[Photo By Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]