Kris Jenner Furious Rob Kardashian Refuses Prenup! Plus Jenner Kicks Kim Out Without Telling Her [Video]

While Kris Jenner clearly backs her son’s decision to marry Blac Chyna, according to insiders, the “momager” is having an epic fight with her son over getting a prenup. Rob is convinced he’s found true love, while the rest of the Jenner clan is a bit more skeptical, and wants Kardashian to be protected.

According to sources close to Rob and Kris, the 60-year-old mother blames herself for her son’s decision, confiding that “her daughters have her wit, her business smarts, and common sense. Rob, on the other hand, doesn’t. And Kris blames herself.” With Rob Kardashian worth millions, and rumors that Blac Chyna is merely a gold digger, Kris is worried that her son might have to pay big money if Blac Chyna divorces him.

Rob, however, is not thinking like that, and believes his marriage with Blac Chyna will stand the test of time. Currently, Blac Chyna is a wonderful influence on Rob, who has lost a lot of weight and seems happier than he has been in years.

Rob hasn’t been seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in over two years, and prefers to spend his time at home. He even moved in with his sister, Khloe, after he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes so he could try to get healthier. While Khloe did her best, it’s been Blac Chyna that has really gotten Rob to turn the corner.

Kris Jenner supports Rob and his fiancée because he’s a much happier man, but she’s still furious that her son “refuses to get a prenuptial agreement with Blac.”

In fact, according to sources close to Jenner, she’s so terrified Rob will be hurt, that she had “an epic meltdown,” and “shed tears for Rob, and for herself.” All Kris wants is for “her son to grow a pair and get smart fast” so he doesn’t get taken advantage of, especially since they “have a child on the way,” the insider concluded.

Kris even helped Rob purchase a new $2 million home near hers. However, there’s no indication whether Rob actually owns the home, or if Kris holds the deed to protect her son’s financial interests.

However, Kris isn’t the only Kardashian having a meltdown, and in a recent teaser clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12, Kim reveals that Kris not only kicked her out of her Calabasas, California, mansion, but removed all of her furniture — without telling Kim!

In the clip, Khloe and Kim discuss that Jenner made it “very clear she wants us to leave,” in the words of Kim’s husband, Kanye West. Telling Khloe that “Mom’s so f****** annoying,” Kim explains to her sister that “my room is empty. All the furniture has been moved out.”

“And I was like ‘Excuse me, were you going to tell me you emptied out my room,’ ” Kardashian tells her sister, who responds that Kris Jenner “just lies and lies and lies.” Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and their two children had been living with Kris for three years.

In past interviews, Kris has confessed that she’s tired of her “full-blown” adult children living with her, and she can’t seem to shake them. “Kim and Kanye and North and Saint, my grandchildren, they live with me,” Kris told reporters at the time, adding that “I feel like they’re never going to leave!”

Telling Kardashian that the furniture in the room belonged to Rob, who wanted it back, Kris made it clear that Kim is definitely out of the house! Kardashian and her family moved into their $11 million Bel Air mansion instead.

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