Kit Harington On Cover Of ‘Vogue Italia’, Proud With Naked Scenes On ‘Doctor Faustus’

Kit Harington has skyrocketed to fame ever since he debuted as his character, Jon Snow, in the much-loved and award-winning television series, Game of Thrones. Ever since his character in Game of Thrones bade a short farewell, he has been doing a lot of acting in various media. Harington’s voice was featured in animated film How to Train Your Dragon, he appeared in the film Seventh Son, and in the upcoming Xavier Dolan movie The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, and even starred in the 2015 HBO comedy 7 Days in Hell, which is a short film about a 7-day tennis match.

Kit Harington has been his own character, outside Game of Thrones, but no doubt he is still associated with Jon Snow. Not that it’s a bad thing entirely, since even in his cover on Vogue Italia, Harington still dons his Game of Thrones vibe.

Kit Harington appears on the cover of Vogue Italia‘s May-June 2016 issue, with dark-themed, very Game of Thrones-feel photographs by Norman Jean Roy. With shots as crazy as posing amongst wild grass and donning a very Jon Snow fur jacket, the Vogue Italia shoot with Harrington was like a modern Game of Thrones spin-off, or a promo for a very dark and dramatic movie.

The story on Kit Harington was published in full at the Vogue Italia website, where Kit talks about some of his experiences regarding keeping Jon Snow’s resurrection as a secret and reveals some personal Harrington did-you-knows.

Translated from Vogue Italia, Kit Harington reveals that the death of his Game of Thrones character made him understand how deeply connected the fans were to his character, maybe even more than he was.

“Having to maintain absolute secrecy for so long has been a formidable test… What I understood is that many people have this connection with Jon Snow and it is even a much stronger connection than what I feel [towards the character].”

And since Kit Harington’s character on Game of Thrones has accorded him much fame, even on the streets, Harington prefers to go out donning a high ponytail (which, according to him, helps him blend into the crowd and not get recognized easily), plus a pair of round eyeglasses for the added anonymity.

A theater actor first before a Hollywood actor, Harington has made some very grave choices in the opportunities presented to him throughout his career. But among these bad decisions, Harrington is particularly proud and happy regarding his decision to star in theater production Doctor Faustus.

“Faustus was the best choice I could have made among the various options that have been presented to me. It is an instinctive choice, like all those that I plan to do in the future.”

Doctor Faustus is a production by The Jamie Lloyd Company, which is a remake of the original play by Christopher Marlowe in 1604. It is the most controversial Elizabethan play outside of Shakespeare, and follows the story of Faustus, who enters a pact with the Devil in return for the ability to do anything via the power of black magic.

Kit Harrington as Doctor Faustus (via The Jamie Lloyd Company)

Harington shares that he has put a lot of effort and thought into his role as Doctor Faustus, bringing back his obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

“I am an obsessive-compulsive. I spent all of January and all of February to prepare for the role in my head, but then I met the director, and I had to make a clean sweep of my ideas… The play is very demanding, both physically and vocally, and is something that is beyond traditional expectations.”

In Doctor Faustus, Kit Harington has some several topless scenes, wearing nothing but skin-tight boxers (which reveals his beautifully-chiseled body) and a particular scene where he lowers his trousers to the audience (his back facing the audience, disappointingly) to reveal a derrière as beautiful as what we imagined of Harrington.

This has been the first time we really got to see Harington’s behind since his one naked episode in Game of Thrones was shot with a double after he broke his ankle for the shoot. A lot of people appreciated Harrington’s back flash, with people gushing over Twitter and taking shy photos of the scene.

Well we always knew that Jon Snow #KitHarington had a great bum.

— Best Bums (@best_bums) April 17, 2016

With Kit Harington back in Game of Thrones as Jon Snow, and spin-offs on the horizon, he might have less time for more naked productions for now. Let’s hope after Game of Thrones wraps up we’ll have more opportunity to see Harington in the flesh — on the stage, quite literally.

If you want to get a glimpse of Harrington’s great body acting, book a ticket now from The Jamie Lloyd Company website.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images]