‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Spin-Off On The Horizon, Will Double Kit Harington’s Earnings

Jon Snow is back on Game of Thrones. He is a little less alive and kicking than before, but nonetheless alive, bringing a lot of Game of Thrones fans to tears and cheers. But let’s admit it, while our love for Jon Snow can last a century, Game of Thrones won’t last forever. With just a couple more seasons left for Game of Thrones, where will all our fangirling and loyalty towards the Lord Commander go?

The answer lies in HBO’s decision to create a spin-off based on our most-loved Game of Thrones character, none other than Jon Snow. Daily Star reports that after Game of Thrones Season 7 closes curtains next year, Jon Snow could be seeing his own spin-off series. According to the report, a senior executive at HBO apparently confirmed “exploratory talks” with Jon Snow’s actor, Kit Harington, have already been on the table after he was sworn to secrecy concerning his Game of Thrones character’s fate. This spin-off news could have been their way to sweeten the deal further for Kit Harrington and help him stay mum about his premeditated resurrection in Game of Thrones Season 6. The HBO executive says the following.

“Any spin-off built around Jon Snow, who is hugely popular with fans, would also undoubtedly involve other characters from the cast. When the seventh season wraps next year, it’s going to be a case of figuring out who we want to join us for a new show and which of those cast members actually want to jump on board.”

As of now, Kit Harington could well be the most well-paid star in Game of Thrones, earning approximately £684,000 per episode, the Express reports. That’s already in excess of a million dollars for one episode alone! According to talks, if his agents could negotiate a bonus deal on the Game of Thrones spin-off that puts Jon Snow at the center, this figure could even double, making him one of the highest paid Hollywood stars (if not the highest paid) in television history.

Kit Harrington could be one of the biggest paid actors in TV history as Jon Snow Kit Harrington could be one of the biggest paid actors in TV history as Jon Snow [Image via HBO]Show creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have confirmed that they won’t be stretching Game of Thrones forever just to keep the cast together and the cash coming in. Including Season 6, there are more or less only 23 hours left (give or take three more years to complete) for the series. The Express‘ source adds the following.

“One of the hardest things in showbiz is trying to keep an ensemble cast together and there’s no doubt that, when Thrones finally comes to a close, most members will head off to pursue fresh projects.”

And as a solution to that dilemma, and to everyone’s fear of an ending to our much-loved TV series, a Game of Thrones spin-off. It’s a win-win for everyone!

While Kit Harington and Game of Thrones book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, author George R.R. Martin have yet to talk about any Jon Snow spin-offs, Martin is very open to other spin-offs regarding the world he has created (Hello, J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). Talking to Martin himself, Entertainment Weekly reported that the Game of Thrones world creator believes that there are a lot of opportunities for another show inside the canon. Martin says the following.

Author George R. R. Martin (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Author George R. R. Martin

“There is certainly no lack of material. Every episode of The Naked City–one of the television shows I watched as a kid–ended with a voice-over: ‘There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.’ There are eight million stories in Westeros as well … and even more in Essos and the lands beyond. A whole world full of stories, waiting to be told … if indeed HBO is interested.”

But for Martin, the most natural follow up to the Game of Thrones series is an adaptation of his Dunk & Egg stories.

The Dunk & Egg stories are set in the same Game of Thrones world, but at a much earlier time. The series is about a nomadic knight, named Ser Duncan the Tall, who would later become a member of the Kingsguard, and his squire, Egg, who would become King Aegon V Targaryen of Westeros. We would first hear about this series on Game of Thrones Season 1, when Maester Aemon revealed himself as a Targaryen to Jon Snow (Aemon is Ageon’s elder brother).

So, if a Game of Thrones spin-off really isn’t as far-fetched as we think, that would be great news to all Game of Thrones followers all over the world, indeed. Or maybe, do some of these spin-offs, too, just for fun (via ytegg).

Game of Thrones spin offs Game of Thrones spin-off suggestions. [Image via Imgur]Catch Season 6, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones on HBO today, May 22, at 2 p.m. E.T.

[Image via Jon Snow/Twitter]