Katie Holmes On Her Mysterious Relationship With Jamie Foxx, What’s Fact And What’s Fiction?

Katie Holmes has been the subject of numerous rumors over the past few months, all due to her mysterious relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. The two have reportedly been dating for quite some time now, but do their best to keep their romance on the down low and away from the media circus. However, it’s evident that although the pair have done a commendable job in keeping their connection under wraps, they just can’t avoid the rumor mill entirely.

The tabloids have latched on and are set on churning out stories about the pair involving babies and nuptials. As the Mirror UK shares, the latest cover stories involve lines such as “Jamie’s confession that changed everything,” having to do with an apparent wedding ceremony and pregnancy.

A source claimed that although the couple has wanted to get married, they are pregnant and are therefore putting off the nuptials “until they’d settle into life with a new baby.”

The story then takes a twist, while Katie becomes upset that Jamie is postponing the wedding and therefore decides to cancel the occasion entirely.

” ‘It’s understandable Katie would start to feel insecure about the relationship,’ the source goes on. ‘And she definitely wouldn’t want to raise another child on her own, as she’s been forced to do with Suri since she left Tom [Cruise].’ “

Additionally, the tabloids are involving Katie’s ex in the whole story, sharing that Tom Cruise is “meddling” in the romance and that Katie and Jamie are trying their best to keep everything secretive so not to get a negative reaction from the Mission Impossible star.

Movie News Guide goes as far to say that Holmes and Foxx are looking to seek assistance from the law in order to feel less fearful of Cruise’s possible backlash.

“Tom Cruise can no longer meddle between them once they secure a court order. Katie Holmes’ love for Jamie Foxx can flourish more in a free and fearless environment.”

Although the apparent sources seem pretty assured that this is all fact, the Mirror has recently verified by way of Holmes’ spokesperson that the stories are “categorically untrue” and can’t be trusted in the slightest.

Interestingly enough, not only has Jamie denied the pregnancy rumors and wedding plans, he has entirely denied the relationship and has instead referred to Holmes as “an old friend.” The actor even went so far to say that he’s got a girlfriend who is not at all pleased with the rumors that he is in a serious relationship with the mother and actress.

Jamie spoke out when he was questioned about the supposed romance on Dish Nation.

“I’m not the person who wants to be defined by anybody I date. Even if I was dating someone, no one would know anyway. But it affects my situation because I got a girl, who’s like ‘yo, who’s this b****?’.”

So there it is, this mysterious relationship between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx has merely been a friendship all along. The brunette stunner and Foxx first caused a media frenzy when Holmes stepped out wearing a diamond ring. Of course, seeing as she and Foxx had been seen in each other’s company, all fingers pointed to Foxx and the assumed reason for the gift was an apparent engagement. The two are friends, plain and simple, and Cruise is not meddling with their interactions, seeing as he has enough going on with his own life and career.

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