Guild Wars 2 Launch Encounters Major Connectivity Issues

The Guild Wars 2 launch has begun to experience serious connectivity issues, with many gamers unable to log in to the game. After smooth start at 9:00 pm PST, Friday Night, the problems started to occur with increasing frequency about 4 hours into the head-start launch for pre-order customers.

The problems appear to have started when players who were already in the game received a message that they had entered an invalid password, and were then disconnected. Once a player was booted from the game, they were unable to log back in. The problem is plaguing all the server zones, including North America and Europe

Subsequent log in attempts generate error messages that incorrectly warn of firewall issues when a player enters their name and password. Some players are now receiving an error as soon as they bring up the game interface. When this occurs, the patcher is unable to function, and the player gets a message that says “connection error(s) detected, retrying.”

Although players seem to be handling the problems without any serious gripping, the fact that the Guild Wars 2 forums are not available is certainly not helping. Everyone is completely dependent on Twitter and Facebook, for any, and all, information. So far the updates have all been of a generic nature, with little actual explanation of the cause of the problems.

Typical Tweets read, “Guild Wars 2 ‏@GuildWars2 Thank you for your patience, we’re still hard at work and we will keep you updated. ^DO” or “Guild Wars 2 ‏@GuildWars2 We are aware of issues with server connectivity. We will keep you up to date with our progress. ^DO.”

It is now 9:25 am CST, Saturday, and the last update on the situation is over 2 hours old. Players have no idea what is causing the problems, or when they may be fixed. Players waited patiently for five years to play Guild Wars 2 , and I would imagine that if this problem isn’t fixed soon, the mood will start to get a bit tense. Gamers are not known for their patience, and the lack of any real information will certainly increase their frustration.

This really is an unfortunate turn of events, because Guild Wars 2 is a very enjoyable game. We can only hope that ArenaNet get things back to normal quickly, and players can return to playing Guild Wars 2. Be sure to check back with Inquisitr.Com often. We will do our utmost to get you the latest information on the Guild Wars 2 connectivity problems.

Update 10:00 am CST, Saturday, August 25:

AT 9:45 am CST, ArenaNet released a patch that seems to have fixed the connectivity issues. Players are now back in the game and smiles have returned to their faces. Hopefully, the rest of the day will proceed smoothly. All in all, ArenaNet did a good job restoring connectivity relatively quickly. Now its time to get back to leveling, and gathering information for my Sunday in-depth review of Guild Wars 2. See you in the game.