Kylie Jenner Sex Tape: Tyga Could Get More Than $10 Million For The Explicit Video, But Kris Jenner And Kanye West Stand In His Way

Kylie Jenner reportedly has a sex tape problem, but her mom and famous brother-in-law are rumored to be swooping in to prevent her ex-boyfriend from releasing it and making a fortune.

Since her split with rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner has been dogged by reports that she and her now-ex have an explicit video about to show up online. There had actually been rumors dating back several months that she and Tyga had a collection of racy home videos, and the UK’s Mirror reported that a video clip very briefly appeared on Tyga’s website this week before being taken down.

While there is apparently no copy of the Kylie Jenner sex tape anywhere online, the Mirror reported that an anonymous source is shopping the video around and has released grainy images. Some other celebrity news outlets have confirmed seeing the photo, but said there is nothing in it to identify either Kylie Jenner or Tyga.

If it’s true that Kylie Jenner has a sex tape and true that Tyga is shopping it around — both rumors circulating with no backing to this point, it’s important to point out — it could mean a giant payday for the rapper. Back in September, Hollywood Life reported that Kylie and Tyga had a $10 million offer for the video, but that he wanted more.

“He understands that the industry wants to see them get down and dirty in one big explosive sex tape. He’s down to do that, but he wants more than $10 million… For Tyga to do this, he’s looking for some serious meal tickets and knows he and Kylie can command way more than $10 million. He thinks that offer should be doubled for how he’s willing to get down on film.”

But if Kylie Jenner really does have a sex tape being shopped around, she may have some help in preventing its release. A report from Hollywood Life claimed that her mom, Kris Jenner, has stepped in to keep Tyga from either releasing the video or shopping it around to distributors.

A source told the outlet that Kris Jenner is using her leverage to keep Tyga from releasing it.

“Kris has helped Tyga with several behind the scenes business deals and helped him secure a little capital for a few ventures. In her mind, he owes her,” the source said. “She’s been talking with him about this charade and she’s certain that no tape or cell phone video of Kylie in any uncompromising situation will see daylight.”

Kanye West, who is married to Kylie’s half-sister, is also helping. The source told Hollywood Life that he’s threatened to ruin Tyga’s career if a video were to ever hit the internet.

“This sex tape scandal with Kylie and Tyga is getting under [Kanye’s] skin and he told Tyga that if such a tape exists or sees the light of day, Tyga might as well move out of Hollywood because he will be blacklisted,” the source said. “He told Tyga that he’d end his rap career and shut down all his clothing stores if he pulled some s*** like that on his sister-in-law. It’s very personal for Kanye.”


There is still plenty of doubt over whether Tyga has the sex tape or if he would release it if he does. Radar Online reported that he is not too keen on going against the family’s wishes, and may have signed a non-disclosure agreement that prevents him from doing it.

“Tyga is not stupid enough to go against Kardashian lawyers and break an NDA,” a source told. “Kris told him flat out that if he ever messes with Kylie’s image, she will personally destroy him, and Kanye will make sure he never works again.”

For all the widespread reports of a Kylie Jenner sex tape, there is still no evidence that it actually exists and no confirmed video or pictures on the internet.

[Picture by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]