May 22, 2016
The 'Angry Birds' Movie Reviews Are In, And It Looks To Be A Hit Or Miss

It appears that The Angry Birds Movie has left a bitter taste in the mouths of critics.

There are some movies that have been born from games that are quite successful. Others, unfortunately, give the trend of game-inspired movies a constant disappointment. In this case, it appears that Angry Birds is one of those games. Reported by Gamespot, The Angry Birds Movie isn't all that funny to critics. It's reported that the movie is full of satire that attempts to get the movie watcher to laugh, though it is ultimately nowhere near the slapstick of other movies that have come before it.

The Angry Birds Movie is based around the main protagonist, Red, voiced by Jason Sudeikis. There's also Chuck, the yellow angry bird who is voiced by Josh Gad. Bomb is voiced by Danny McBride. Together, they form the main cast that you see during the movie. As you would expect, they are just like their in-game counterparts -- each bird has a special ability, and you're already aware of what they're capable of if you've played the game.

Chuck is extremely fast, and Bomb is self-explanatory: he explodes. The movie dives into Red being punished, and apparently he is made to take anger management classes. Matilda, another of the characters who handles those anger management classes, is voiced by Maya Rudolph and identifies herself as a "free rage chicken."

Generally speaking, many critics hail The Angry Birds Movie as a movie that fails to capture the audience. Whether young or old, they attempt to fit all sorts of hilarity into the movie's nearly 100 minutes of adventure. There's one particular line, "Pluck my life," that stands out. The target audience for a movie such as this is geared toward the younger demographic, and it leaves the moviegoer to question if this is a movie that children should see.

Michigan Live reports that The Angry Birds Movie doesn't live up to the charm of the addictive game itself, and is "likely to be the worst 97 minutes of your week." The characters are less than memorable, and it appears that they attempt to force laughter instead of giving the progression of the plot an attachment that viewers can get behind. By the end of the movie, critics feel as though the plot's relevance is lacking.

Still, there are some who are indifferent to The Angry Birds Movie. Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie mixed reviews, the general opinion being that the movie is an experience that won't give adults, let alone children, much to remember. Compared to other titles such as Inside Out or Zootopia, the comedic adventures of Red and gang don't appear to stack up quite as well as one might have hoped.

Does The Angry Birds Movie fall victim to the stigma of films being based on video games being bad? In the end, it's a matter of opinion. However, the reviews don't appear to be lending support to the success of the movie as a whole. Rolling Stones reports that while the film may not be the best, it invites the movie viewer to get a dose of silly fun and the comedic nature of birds having anger issues.

This isn't the first movie of its kind, but it appears that the execution and worth of The Angry Birds Movie pales in comparison to the game, itself. If the reviews are any indication, this may be one film that is certainly a hit or miss in the box-office. It appears to be doing well in terms of financial gain, but perhaps this is more the name than the actual movie's quality.

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[Photo By Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images]