Prince Dead For More Than Six Hours Before He Was Found At Paisley Park, Reports Indicate

A new report indicates that Prince was likely dead for more than six hours before his body was discovered in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

On Saturday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that a paramedic responding to the scene of the incident indicated that the late singer had been dead for quite some time before first responders were called to the scene. Prince’s body was discovered at his Minnesota estate on April 21.

Past reports from the newspaper have indicated that Prince was being treated for withdrawal symptoms of an opioid addiction in the weeks leading up to his death. The cause of death for the late 57-year-old entertainer has not yet been revealed, though an autopsy has been completed. An earlier report from the Star Tribune indicated that Prince had Percocet in his system when his body was discovered, but there is no indication as to whether the prescription painkiller had anything to do with Prince’s death.

Despite the reports that Prince was using prescription painkillers, People indicates that Prince was known for “clean-living and abstaining from recreational drugs.” According to a People interview with Prince’s longtime girlfriend and musical collaborator, Sheila E., Prince took the painkillers to manage pain he endured as a result of performances.

“His hip bothered him from jumping off risers for 20 years.”

Additionally, sources have indicated that constantly wearing heels added to the performer’s constant pain.

As more information about Prince’s death emerges, it becomes more apparent that the days leading up to his death were rife with phone calls and meetings with medical professionals. On April 15, Prince’s airplane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, where the singer reportedly received emergency treatment for an overdose. In the days that followed, Prince’s team made calls to top medical professionals across the country.

For example, the day before Prince died, he was reportedly given an intravenous treatment at a local hospital after a member of his staff had called a medical professional in New York to seek “advice from someone who had recently worked with the musician.”

At the time of his death, Prince was preparing to be treated by pain and addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld out of Milly Valley, California. Kornfeld was unable to travel to Minnesota immediately, so sent his son Andrew to Minnesota so that Andrew could help explain the course of action to Prince and his team. Reports indicate that Andrew was among those who discovered Prince’s body on April 21 and that he was the man who called 911 for help.

Additionally, reports indicate that Prince had been working with Twin Cities physician Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg in an effort to treat his withdrawal symptoms. According to reports, Schulenberg showed up at Paisley Park on the day of Prince’s death in an effort to deliver some test results, and the doctor reportedly told investigators that he had worked with Prince twice in April.

At this point, Prince’s death is believed to have been an accident, the Star Tribune reports. Neither foul play, nor suicide are suspected in Prince’s passing.

As has been noted, Prince did not have a will at the time of his death, and the battle over his $250 million estate has just begun. Since his passing, people have come out of the woodwork claiming to be related to the late musician, and a judge has ordered that more than 300 people be DNA tested before the matter of inheritance can be determined.

Find out more of the details surrounding Prince’s death in the video below.

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