‘RHOD’ Star Marie Reyes Has Proof Tiffany Hendra Lied To LeeAnne Locken About The Text Messages, Both Agreed That She Needs Help

'Real Housewives of Dallas' stars, Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnn Locken at a press conference in April 2016

Real Housewives of Dallas star Marie Reyes is putting Tiffany Hendra’s innocent act on blast. Marie wants the RHOD fans to know that Tiffany’s sisterly love act with LeeAnne is nothing but a facade. Marie claims that Hendra participated and encouraged her text messages, and never once told her that she was uncomfortable with the conversation.

Reyes claims that she was shocked by Hendra’s claims on last week’s episode, and had no idea that she told Locken about their text exchange. One of the reasons that it shocked her so much was Tiffany was the one who started the texts, and she responded to every single one of Marie’s messages. And, as it turns out, Reyes has proof, and it looks like Hendra may not be as innocent as she once claimed.

Reality Tea reports that Marie claims Tiffany only showed the texts that she sent to her, withholding everything she said about LeeAnne. Reyes explains that after the cocktail party, Locken sent some pretty scary messages to her and Hendra, and implied that she could be dead in a ditch. Her behavior worried her friends greatly, and they wanted to figure out the best way to help her. They both agreed that her behavior was downright self-destructive.

“Tiffany and I were texting each other trying to figure out how to help LeeAnne! Tiffany was engaging me and texting me back and totally agreed that LeeAnne’s behavior was bizarre and how WE shouldn’t tolerate it anymore and that LeeAnne’s actions were a form of self-harm. Needless to say, during the exchange of texts around LeeAnne’s behavior at my cocktail party, both Tiffany and I agreed, the behavior was atrocious.”

Reyes hinted that Hendra could be using Locken for a storyline on the show. Marie stated they were not that close, and all of the sudden, she feels the need to be honest with her about the texts? Reyes said that something doesn’t make sense, and one way or another, she will get to the bottom of it over the next few weeks.

“All of Tiffany’s hopes and dreams are riding on Dallas and her friendship with LeeAnne. Who am I? Only the person standing between her and LeeAnne?”

Marie told All Things RH that she had been close to LeeAnne for over 20 years. They have been there for each other through both good and bad times in their lives. She recalls that her good pal, Hendra, has seen her about five times in 19 years, and now wants to claim that they are BFF’s and she moved to Dallas just to be close to her. Reyes says that is not entirely accurate.

“In my estimation, Tiffany saw LeeAnne maybe five times over the past 19 years. LeeAnne did not attend Tiffany’s wedding. However, LeeAnne was instrumental in planning and decorating for my wedding reception and was at the hospital when I delivered Sofia. I will always be grateful for her presence and participation during each of those life milestones. None of the Housewives will ever get to know LeeAnne because she probably won’t let anyone get to know her. I’m glad I got to know and become friends with LeeAnne when my financial livelihood didn’t depend on me being her friend. That is the LeeAnne I loved and liked and that’s the LeeAnne I hope will come back around on our friendship. I’m not going to write her friendship off, however, we’ve not spoken to each other for a very long time.”

Reyes firmly believes that Hendra hand-picked the messages to show Locken and used the ones that would undermine and destroy her relationship with her. In the end, her relationship with LeeAnne was strained when she chose to believe Hendra over her. Marie explains that she hasn’t spoken to LeeAnne in a very long time because of it.

Marie hinted that she might bring copies of the whole text exchange to the reunion show, and show Locken how wrong she was for trusting Hendra over her. Reyes isn’t sure how she wants to handle it right now but assures the RHOD fans that the reunion show will be action-packed.

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