Is Kim Kardashian Really Obsessed With Liposuction Lately?

Kim Kardashian Lipsuction

Kim Kardashian has recently lost a lot of weight due to liposuction. At least that’s what Radar Online wants you to believe.

“However, as the forever fake mother of two credits her shocking weight loss to diet and exercise, has exclusively learned her Kardashian sisters simply do not buy it! Did she get lipo to get slim?”

Radar Online makes you click through several pictures and even though they don’t definitely say Mrs. Kardashian had liposuction, they sure hint so and try to persuade readers to believe them. Many of the comments after the article are insulting towards Kim Kardashian.

“It doesn’t matter how much she weighs, she will always look fat with that giant, lumpy lard a** she carries around,” says Corrine Snyder.

“Her body is all she has, she’s not smart, talented and isnt getting any younger. Its not like she’s that much into her children,” claims Deborah.

Twitter has also noticed Kardashian’s alleged liposuction.

The commenters can think what they want, but should realize that the story isn’t even true. Once again, Gossip Cop exposes another tabloid story for what it is.

Kim Kardashian Liposuction
“Kim Kardashian did NOT undergo liposuction to lose her baby weight, despite a baseless webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s false,” claims gossip-busting expert Andrew Shuster, before adding that his site had exhaustively corrected Radar Online for false stories in the past.

This isn’t the only big Kim Kardashian rumor to wildly spread throughout the past week. The print edition of Life & Style claims that Kardashian is not satisfied with her new Vogue cover, according to Gossip Cop.

“Kim Kardashian ‘wants a new Vogue cover’ without Kanye West? That’s the claim coming from a certain tabloid, the same one that wrongly alleged the star was ‘dumped four days after giving birth’ last December.”

The article indicates that Life & Style claims Kardashian is so angry that she wants to break magazine racks. Kardashian allegedly has another Vogue cover in mind, and this time she doesn’t want her husband to be included. Gossip Cop has looked into these claims and has declared them to be completely false.

“Not surprisingly, nowhere in the article is it explained why it would even be possible for West to appear with Kardashian on the cover again if he supposedly ‘dumped’ her months ago. That’s because Life & Style doesn’t just lie, but the gossip rag can’t even stay consistent with its lies. And now a rep for Kardashian exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this new Vogue tale is more tabloid B.S.,” writes Gossip Cop‘s other expert, Shari Weiss.”

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy
Meanwhile, one story that isn’t just a rumor is the fact Kim Kardashian had a pregnancy test done when she was on an airplane. According to People, Kardashian explained that she put the test on Snapchat because she thought it would be funny and there really wasn’t any “pregnancy scare” since she doesn’t mind if she becomes pregnant again.

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[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]