Wiz Khalifa Reps Taylor Gang So Hard In New Music Video

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Taylor! Gang! Taylor! Gang! TAYLOR! GANG!

Calling all Taylor Gang faithful, Wiz Khalifa delivers a tribute to you by way of his new track, “So Much.”

About a week or so ago, the Pittsburg rapper previewed an unnamed track from his upcoming record, Rolling Papers 2, on his Instagram. Over a very ’80s inspired hip-hop/R&B beat, Khalifa raps, “A lot of y’all got it f*cked up / We started it / We gon end this sh*t / Watchu think this is?” Seeing as it’s Instagram, the preview only lasted approximately 15 seconds — too short, to say the least. Well, the track has been named, officially released, and paired with a video as well. “So Much” is the latest track to drop from the “Black and Yellow” rapper, and it’s pretty good.

An homage to Taylor Gang, “So Much” is a celebration of being alive. Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz) is seen smoking tons of weed — in true Khalifa fashion — dancing hilariously in the deserts, whipping dirt on ATVs, feeding giraffes and baby tigers in Dubai, and much more. (Okay, perhaps the track is more than just a celebration of “being alive”). Still, while the visuals may emit this bravado of lavishness, the hook sees Wiz remaining humble. He sings, “I got so much love for you / I got so much love for you / I got so many people tryna rep my gang / And I love them all the same,” as a way of respecting where he came from, and revering everyone who got him to where he is today.

“They wanna be like us, but that don’t flatter me

I rather be stacking cheese with the ones I call my family”

– Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa broke into the music scene back in 2005 with his mixtape Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania. While a competent effort, his career didn’t immediately take off. After a series of mixtapes and records succeeding the release of Prince of the City— including 2006’s acceptable record, Show and Prove, and 2009’s excellent mixtape, Flight School— Wiz Khalifa’s career changed when he dropped Deal or No Deal in late 2009. His second studio album, Deal or No Deal, hit 26 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and 10 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums. While successful, it wasn’t until Khalifa released his eighth mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice, in 2010 that saw his career go from 0 to 100 (real quick). The project ranked number one in trending and search results on both Google and Twitter, and received praise from critics at outlets like Pitchfork and Entertainment Weekly. It’s safe to say Wiz Khalifa solidified himself as an up-and-coming prominent voice in the game. And his fervor hasn’t changed.

The last project Khalifa released was Khalifa earlier this year. The record had guest appearances by Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Travi$ Scott, Rico Love, and a few other non-mainstream artists, and is one of his lowest-rated records (next to Blacc Hollywood, which has a 54 on Metacritic, Khalifa has a 56). Even still, Khalifa debuted at number 6 on the U.S. Billboard 200 list, and ranked 3 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. About a month ago, Wiz dropped a visual for a track off Khalifa titled “Elevated,” talking about dedication to one’s craft in order to get that [tailored] success.

There’s no official word on when Rolling Papers 2 will release, but, if we know the zealousness of which Wiz Khalifa works, it could be tomorrow. (Okay, maybe not that soon, but sometime in the coming months, if not by the end of the year.) In the mean time,

Roll with the gang.

– Wiz Khalifa

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]