Want to leave a prayer on the Western Wall? There’s a Twitter account for that

Anyone who has ever wanted to leave a prayer on the Western Wall in Jerusalem can now do so from the comfort of their favorite Twitter application.

The Western Wall is the remaining section of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, and since the 1700’s visitors to the city have written their prayers on paper and stuffed them in the wall’s cracks in the belief that they will be read by, and acted upon by god.

The Twitter Western Wall service at @theKotel promises to print out tweets for placement on the wall.

“I never had a Twitter account,” founder Alon Nir told local media, “and I could never figure out what it was good for. Then during the riots in Iran, the whole world saw how Twitter could cause a revolution, even if that’s not what the makers of Twitter had ever intended.”

“I started thinking about the huge potential in Twitter…I asked myself – what can I do that is innovative, creative and beneficial to the people of Israel and the State of Israel? Then this idea popped into my head.”

The service has been open for two weeks and has already received hundred of prayers. To send a prayer, send a tweet to @thekotel.