Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Could Carson Wentz Win The Eagles’ Starting Quarterback Job From Sam Bradford?

With the 2016-2017 NFL season still four months away, rumors are spiraling regarding the Philadelphia Eagles and their complicated quarterback situation. After the Eagles traded up to the No. 2 overall pick to select former North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz, current Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford requested a trade.

While Bradford has withdrew his trade request and returned to the Eagles, there is still apparently tension in the locker room. And even though new Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has already named Bradford the team’s starting quarterback, a recent report believes that Wentz could force a real competition in training camp.

As CBS Sports reports, Wentz has already been impressive in limited offseason workouts with the team. Sal Paolantonio of ESPN thinks that the starting job could potentially be there for the taking for the rookie.

“It sounds like, just getting the early reviews on the rookie quarterback, that Carson Wentz could force the issue of a quarterback competition being opened up by Doug Pederson.”

Since it is still only May, a lot is going to change over the next few months. While Bradford is likely to get the benefit of the doubt from Pederson, he is not exactly a proven NFL quarterback. At 28-years-old, Bradford should just be entering his prime years as an NFL quarterback. While he has shown flashes of brilliance, some of which remind everyone why he was originally the No. 1 overall pick, he has had a below-average career.

Carson Wentz Eagles Starting Quarterback Job
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Being selected by the St. Louis Rams did not help his cause, but Bradford has never been able to make his teammates better. In addition to mediocre play, Bradford has always proven to be extremely prone to injuries. While he only missed two games last season, he missed the entire 2014 season. In 2013, he only played in seven games.

Regardless of Bradford’s questionable career, he actually did show signs of life towards the end of last season. Overall, he finished with 3,725 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. This all came despite poor play from the offensive line and wide receivers.

The problem for Bradford is that he does not really have a chance to win the job over the long term. While Bradford may beat out Wentz to start the 2016-2017 season, he is eventually going to lose the starting job. The Eagles invested too much in drafting Wentz, and they have no reason to think that they can trust Bradford as a long-term option.


According to NJ Advance Media, several members of the Eagles are already touting Wentz and his abilities. Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff believes that Wentz can pretty much do it all.

“He’s awesome. Strong arm, mobile, throws an accurate ball.”

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz believes that Bradford throws an extremely catchable ball.

“He is definitely a gunslinger. He has a live arm, he throws a good spiral, it’s easy to catch.”

New Eagles wide receiver Reuben Randle believes that Wentz is not afraid to take shots down the field.

“He is aggressive. I heard about it from the rookie camp, that he was taking his shots. He took a shot (during practice) that we weren’t expecting. He gives us a shot to make a play. You have to love that from a quarterback. He trusts his playmakers outside to make a play for him, and I like that about him.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, certain players in the locker room now view Bradford differently after his trade request. While none of the players were individually named, this could become an issue in training camp. If Bradford is already on thin ice with certain offensive players, they could fully turn their backs on him at the first sign of trouble. With Wentz already impressing the team in workouts, he could quickly win over the team, and Pederson could be forced to strongly consider making him the starting quarterback.

Until the first game of the season, rumors will continue to speculate about the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback situation. While Bradford is the starter at the current moment, Carson Wentz could potentially win the job over the next few months.

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