Zac Efron Is Always Falling Out Of Love—Bad News For Anyone Interested?

zac efron is always falling out of love bad news for anyone interested

As everyone knows by now, Zac Efron and Sami Miró are no longer an item, breaking off a relationship that went on for less than two years. While this sounds like good news since Efron is once again one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, the bad news is that anyone interested in hooking up with the star will need to play by Zac Efron’s rules.

And these rules are, in a nutshell: No commitments and, never interfere with Zac’s career, which is the actor’s sole focus right now. As it turns out, Zac Efron hates multi-tasking.

As Efron has disclosed to E Online, he was the one who called his last relationship off for two reasons, namely, falling out of love and finally getting the breaks that he wants in his career. Before Miró, Zac was known to have had a steamy two-month summer fling with Michelle Rodriguez. But that was just that—a summer fling, which seemed to be clear on both sides.

And further back in time, there was Vanessa Hudgens, with whom Zac Efron had the privilege of growing up with, and then subsequently having a relationship with. Sadly, however, the two called it off sometime in December 2010. The reason that Hudgens gave for calling it quits with her High School Musical (HSM) co-star was the difficulty of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

As Hudgens told People back then, she thought the cell phone was enough. Unfortunately, the gadget didn’t make the cut, as a long-distance relationship needed much more than that. Of course, everyone knows the hassles of keeping such a relationship. We can only commiserate with both parties.

If all this relationship review has put Zac Efron in a bad light in any way, rest assured that this is not our intention. Zac is not a bad guy and his Neighbors 2 co-star Seth Rogen can attest to that. Rogen dished out the following to Hollywood Life.

“For sure, I assumed he’d be a guy I wouldn’t like very much. But he was very self-effacing and self-deprecating, and I remember really liking him. He won me over.”

It is so nice to know that the Hollywood heartthrob who holds all the aces—looks, great body, sex appeal, plus acting, dancing and musical prowess—is actually a very humble guy. We also learned that Zac Efron has grown to hate his HSM days with a passion. To say the least, HSM for Efron was a nightmare that he wishes had never happened.

Apparently, he wants nothing to do with the past role that remains to this day to strongly define him. In short, one of the most important things in Zac’s career right now is to break away from his past and carve out an entirely new destiny.

Well, then, the coming months should be pretty exciting for Zac Efron, Baywatch and all. With his newfound career focus, we can only expect a lot more from the versatile artist—singer, dancer, and actor. From the sound of his pronouncements, it looks like he could be following the footsteps of his idol, Leonardo Di Caprio.

So perhaps we can look forward to a box office hit and maybe an Oscar award on the horizon over the next few years? With all the dedication that Zac Efron puts towards those killer abs of his, we believe that he means serious business. We also know what this means to the future of any relationship he might end up having—and that is, nothing serious.

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Although Zac doesn’t say it explicitly, he is starting to feel a lot more attraction towards older women. And by that, we mean, yes, of the cougar variety. How do we know? We notice how he gets very excited talking about missing the chance of meeting Barbra Streisand or his movie sex scene with Nicole Kidman—which is something he can’t seem to stop talking about.

Indeed, the future looks bright for Zac as he sheds his HSM skin for a great tan. As for women out there who look forward to having something with the actor, we say, don’t keep your hopes too high about being taken seriously as
Zac goes full-steam ahead with his career, which is presently the love of his life. For at this point, Zac Efron is more interested in a) a cougar and, b) a friend with benefits (FWB).

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