Florida Man Allegedly Killed Woman With Butt Injections

A Florida man has been charged in association with the 2013 death of a Miami woman, and the details surrounding this case are shocking. WOKV News reports that 43-year-old Jose Robusto was taken into police custody on Saturday, after a lengthy investigation following the death of the unnamed female victim.

Police in Miami say that Robusto “posed as a Venezuelan doctor,” while working out of a massage parlor. The parlor only had a license to perform massages, but the Florida man allegedly advertised that “certified plastic surgeons” were employed at the establishment. This attracted the attention of customers like the unlikely woman who received a botched procedure at the place.

Florida man Jose Robusto is accused of charging the victim $1,500 to inject an unknown “oily, yellow substance” into her buttocks. The desired effect would have been a fuller backside, but that’s not what the woman got at all. Instead, she needed to return for a second treatment, which ended in her being rushed to the hospital. She died shortly after she was hospitalized. A medical examiner later ruled that the Florida woman died from an embolism. This means that she essentially died from a blockage in her bloodstream, which could have been caused by an air bubble or from the foreign substance that was used in the alleged botched butt injection.

Robusto admitted to authorities that he had given her the initial butt injection treatment, but he denies administering the injection a second time (the time that allegedly killed her). The Miami Herald reports that it took nearly three years to nab the man, because he had fled to Venezuela shortly after the death of the unnamed woman. He foolishly returned to Miami this past week, which resulted in his immediate arrest.

This isn’t the first time botched butt injections and unlawful administering of the procedure have made media headlines. Back in 2011, a transgender woman was arrested for injecting Fix-a-Flat into women’s buttocks, which is incredibly unsafe. Oneal Ron Morris was fortunate that none of her alleged patients died as a result of the unlicensed procedures, but she was still charged with practicing cosmetic surgery without a license.

In 2014, a New Jersey woman suffered fatal complications after she received a botched, unlicensed butt injection. Tamira M. Mobley allegedly administered an unlicensed injection of silicone into 22-year-old Tamara Blaine’s buttocks in a motel in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. The session ended with Blaine going into convulsions. She was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. This was not the first time she had allowed the other woman to inject silicone into her buttocks. Mobley was ultimately charged with manslaughter and assault associated with performing cosmetic surgery without a license.

In the case of Florida man Jose Robusto, he has been charged with manslaughter and practicing unlicensed medicine. No reports have indicated whether or not he is being held on bond in any amount. One thing is for certain, however, and that’s the family of his alleged victim will have their day in court.

[Photo via Miami Police]