‘Walking Dead’ Creator Releases First Episode Of ‘Outcast’ On YouTube [Video]

Outcast on Cinemax by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has officially launched the first terrifying episode for the series on YouTube for fans to come and watch for free. There is also one thing to say about it, and that is – Wow!

For those of you who do not know, Outcast hails from the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, and the series is also executive produced by him. If there were ever any doubts about whether or not Robert Kirkman’s involvement in The Walking Dead is what made it such a powerhouse show, then this first episode of Outcast will lay those doubts to rest.

Before we get too deep into what the first episode of Outcast is about, fans should know that there are a few spoilers that lie ahead for the episode. So if you haven’t watched the first episode of Outcast yet, then watch it below before you read any further.

For those Walking Dead fans that have already tuned in to the premiere episode of Outcast on YouTube, then you know just about everything we are about to say, which is going to be a glowing recommendation for the series and episodes to come.

What starts out appearing to simply be another gritty independent show from South Carolina, Outcast quickly evolves into something that is purely intense and unnerving for viewers to watch.

The first episode of Outcast opens up on a boy staring at a wall, which has a roach walking up it. He seems to be analyzing the roach in some way, or just trying to make sense of what he is seeing. But when he bashes his head into the wall then licks the roach and his own blood off the wall, the intensity of the episode starts to really unfold.

The boy then walks to another room and pulls chips out of a cupboard. But when he eats them and accidentally bites his finger, his taste forces him to turn away from the chips and start munching on his own finger. When the mother discovers him, she is completely horrified.

Then, the true Outcast series star emerges. Kyle Barnes awakens to knocks on his door. He gets out of his bed in a house that seems like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. He ignores the knocks from his sister as he tries to eat his cereal. But she calls him out and there is a tense moment of conflicting views. Fans of Outcast really have to start putting the pieces of a vague puzzle together in order to make sense of the situation, which clearly has a backstory.

It seems as though every episode of Outcast may be starting out that way. It will likely give the viewer a situation that just seems odd, but as the episode progresses it becomes more clear why things are the way they are.

That is something that The Walking Dead did very well. There were also many episodes of Breaking Bad that started out that way and this might be following a similar formula that puts the anti-hero as a series star and slowly shows his or her descent into a more gritty character.

But in the end, Outcast appears to be just as good as The Walking Dead, if not even better. The show is not post-apocalyptic. But it gives off the tone that the apocalypse could happen at any second.

Robert Kirkman has really proven that he can take established horror themes and make them his own. In the first episode of Outcast, there were no spinning heads or green bile spewed, with the exception of a contorted body in a scene and the black ooze that dissolved into thin air, appearing to be a demon leaving a body.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Outcast premieres on Cinemax on June 3 at 10 p.m. EDT.

[Image via Cinemax]