Cory Booker Denies Eyeing Chris Christie’s Governor’s Seat

Cory Booker is somewhat of a political superhero, and I can’t be the only person who (upon hearing the rumor he planned to challenge New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie for his spot) imagined him in a Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World-esque battle scene where his opponent dissolves like the main villain at the end of the film except instead of Mario-like coins, it was greasy pepperoni. Okay, maybe that was just me.

Anyway, both Chris Christie and Cory Booker are well-loved within their parties, and both are proud of their state — but it seems Christie would have the classic formidable opponent in the snowstorm-defying, blaze-battling, Conan O’Brien feuding young and handsome mayor of Newark.

Indeed, a battle between Christie and the dashing young Booker would be a thing to behold… but as of now, Booker says it’s not in the immediate cards.

The New York Post quoted Booker addressing the rumors, and sadly for us political fangirls, he’s not committing just yet, though he didn’t outright say no. The rising Dem star hedged, and the paper says:

“[Booker has] ‘a lot of things to consider’ after the presidential election… A possible gubernatorial run is ‘being asked by me by a lot of folks, and again my response is that those decisions have to wait,’ Booker said, adding he is focused on Newark and Obama’s re-election.”

cory booker superhero

It’s not just the ladyfolk outside politics that wish to see Cory Booker vie for a bigger share of power in Jersey — Charlotte De Fillipo, chairwoman of the Union County Democratic Committee, even called the Newark Mayor “entrancing,” commenting:

“He has the ability to raise money. He certainly has the intellect and the drive. Those are requisites… I’m not sure who else will be. It’s a long way between now and next year. But he makes an entrancing candidate.”

Indeed … regardless of whether Cory Booker is ready to take on Chris Christie, entrancing is certainly a word we would use to describe him. Sigh.