Kathie Lee Gifford The Butt Of Many Seth Rogen Jokes About Escrow

Kathie Lee Gifford

Katie Lee Gifford probably didn’t think she was going to have to study up on home buying terms like “escrow” before her interview with Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen. It’s a safe bet Kathie Lee would rather have not mentioned she didn’t understand that term if she had any idea she was going to take so much heat for it. Perhaps from here on out, Gifford will understand Seth Rogen isn’t one to let an opportunity go past. When he appeared, alongside Rose Byrne on Today and talked to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb it turns out he was handed a joke on a silver platter and he made sure to take advantage.

All of this went down as Rogen was starting to explain the setting for his new movie, Neighbors 2 according to Cinema Blend. Roger was talking about how in the new movie, his character and Rose Byrne’s are looking to sell their home to the Greek system of the local college. While the sale is ongoing, Rogen explained further, the pair are waiting to go through escrow. It is here where the interview took a hilarious turn as Kathie Lee Gifford explained she doesn’t understand what escrow is.

Not only did Kathie Lee not understand what escrow is, but she admits she had never actually heard of the term. This struck the comedic actor as incredibly funny for one reason or another. Once he started on the jokes about Gifford’s lack of understanding of the real estate term, he was like a dog with a bone. It even seemed as though whenever Kathie Lee Gifford would try and explain and defend herself, Rogen just went after her more and more.

At one point, it was pretty clear the talk show host was not enjoying being the butt of the joke and things seemed to get a bit testier when Hoda and Rose Byrne began laughing as well. For those who are in the same boat as Kathie Lee, escrow is a relatively common term as it tends always to be used at least once when talking about real estate. Having something in escrow means giving something of value (in this case money) to an impartial third-party until conditions of a transaction are met. In other words, escrow is when the buy of the property ponies up a certain amount of money, as proof they are serious about the sale. The owner then has to meet some conditions, such as fixing something in the house, because the sale is completed and the money is released.

While Kathie Lee admitted to understanding certain details about real estate deals, it appears she just hasn’t ever used the term escrow for one reason or another. She simply made a mistake by admitting she didn’t know about it in front of someone who was clearly taking great joy in knowing something that Kathie Lee didn’t know. The problem began, as you can see in the video when Kathie Lee acted as though the term was one that was only used in California.

Rogen gives a rather confused “is it?” when Gifford makes the comment. Kathie Lee is not backed up by her partner on the Today show who shakes her head and corrects Kathie Lee Gifford when she explains the term is used everywhere. One has to think at this point that Kathie Lee Gifford might end up doing a bit of research into the topic because it certainly seems as though Hoda might bring that exchange up again. It’s also likely to be a long time before Seth Rogen is invited back to talk to Kathie Lee Gifford on Today.

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