‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Zende Worries About His Future, Nicole Spars With Sasha, And Julius Is Put in The Middle [Spoilers]

Next week, the Bold and the Beautiful promo promises intense drama is ahead for Sasha, Nicole, and Zende. Nicole will spar with her sister, Sasha, and demand that she take a pregnancy test to prove that she is pregnant with Zende’s baby. Sasha asks her dad, Julius to talk to Nicole and tell her to leave Zende alone. Sasha fears that as long as she is around, Zende won’t want to be with her. She wants him to concentrate on her and their child together.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Zende will feel uncertain about Nicole after her strong reaction to the pregnancy news. He has always been honest with Nicole and had no plans of keeping the newest update from her. Soap Opera Digest reports that she wonders how the pregnancy news will change their plans at a renewed life together and also had some doubt that Sasha could be lying to him.


“Sasha informed Zende that she’s pregnant with his child. When Zende comes to the hospital to see Nicole, he tells her the truth. That’s the thing about Zende–he’s always been honest with Nicole about his feelings. The news was obviously unexpected, but then again, she knows how Sasha operates so maybe it wasn’t as shocking as it might have been, otherwise.”

Nicole knows her sister very well and knows that she could be lying about being pregnant. Nicole muses that the timing is suspicious and notes that Sasha will do anything to trap Zende with her. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Zende tells Nicole that Sasha pregnancy doesn’t have to affect their relationship; they are a great team.

Later, Sasha decides to pay her sister a visit in the hospital, and she drops the news that she is expecting a baby with Zende. Nicole tells her that she knows, Zende just told her the news. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Nicole isn’t going to let Sasha come in and steal her boyfriend again. It looks like it could get rocky between them.


“Sasha comes strolling in after Zende and she’s happy and smiling and says,’Oh, by the way, I’m pregnant.’ Nicole looks at her and tells her that she knows, and says, ‘By the way, Zende and I are back together.’ Nicole turned the tables on Sasha and puts the heat on her throughout the week.”

Nicole decides that she wants to address the Sasha issue head on, and tells her sister to go to the lab and get a pregnancy test. Nicole is fed up with Sasha’s antics and wants to know if she’s lying about her pregnancy. Of course, Sasha will find a way to worm out of a pregnancy test, because she isn’t (really) pregnant. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Nicole will draw a line in the sand, and lets Sasha know, not to cross her again.

Sasha decides to talk to her father and ask for his help with her sister. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that she fears that Nicole will try to come in between her and Zende, and wants to get Julius to intervene. At first, he isn’t sure if he should get in the middle of it. Eventually, he agrees to try to help her but tells her he thinks Zende and Nicole are perfect for each other.

“The gloves are off and you will see a back-and-forth between Sasha and Nicole. Nicole is skeptical of Sasha and tells her to prove her pregnancy. Nicole has had enough over the past year and has held back a lot while she carried Maya’s baby. She isn’t pregnant anymore, and she is ready to battle with Sasha.”

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