Popular Gamer Forgets To Turn Off Live Stream Audio As He ‘Attacks And Sexually Assaults’ Woman


A popular online gamer, Joe Ortega, finished up a game of NBA 2K16 and forgot to turn off his live stream audio. In the 5-minute audio clip, Ortega can be heard allegedly attacking and sexually assaulting an unidentified woman. The gamer, who goes by the name JoeDaddy505, accidentally streamed the content to thousands of followers who could hear Ortega calling the woman a barrage of profanities as the woman screams for help and says “you’re raping me.” Though the police have thousands of witnesses and the 5-minute-long audio recording, no charges have been filed against Ortega because no victim has come forward.

The Daily Mail reports that popular online gamer Joe Ortega, known as JoeDaddy505, accidentally left his audio live stream on as he assaulted and potentially raped a woman in the background. The gamer can be heard calling the woman names such as “s**t” and “wh**e” while making disparaging remarks about her vagina. The woman can be heard screaming, crying, and asking Ortega to “get off.” However, in the audio, Ortega tells the woman, “‘You’re a w***e. You’re a straight f**king w***e. One hundred per cent w***e. A f**king w***e.”

At one point in the distressing audio, the woman appears to say, “you’re raping me,” before her previously clearly discernible words become muffled. Many have speculated that the muffled sounds indicate the woman’s mouth was covered during at least a portion of the alleged attack.

With the audio stream occurring shortly after Ortega finished playing NBA 2K16, the stream was being watched by 600,000 people when the incident took place. The International Business Times reports that while many are obviously outraged by the purported attack that took place on the Twitch live stream, others are also condemning many of the Twitch users who listened in to the alleged attack while laughing.

Many Twitter users have posted links to the audio that was captured before being deleted by Twitch. However, those choosing to listen to the audio should use discretion. The audio is highly disturbing and includes profanity, apparent sexual assault, and may not be suitable for all viewers.

Some Reddit users pointed out their disgust at the Twitch users who listened in to the alleged assault while laughing and making jokes about the woman’s cries for help. In response, numerous Reddit and Twitter users called for an investigation into the alleged sexual assault by the authorities.

“What we heard was domestic violence and possible rape/sexual assault. It should be spread around as much as possible so this guy gets locked up.”

Following the incident, Ortega’s Twitch account was suspended for “violations of user’s terms.” However, he allegedly responded to those concerned about the incident on social media by noting it was a “misunderstanding.” IBT notes that screenshots obtained from Ortega’s Instagram noted that he did not rape the woman but “hit her and fell on top of her.”

“We had an argument couple days ago and she brought it back up on stream so I might have got upset. NO I did not rape her. I hit her and fell on top of her and hit her again I know I shouldn’t have done that. It’s a f***ed up move I made. I’m sorry.”

He followed up the response on Twitter noting, “I was drunk but she hit me first and called me a b**** so yes I had to do what I did.” The messages have since been deleted but not before multiple screen grabs of the statements were made by users across the web.

joedaddy505 abuse

Though police have the audio recording and numerous witnesses, no charges have been filed as the woman in the audio recording has not come forward. As a result, many are taking to social media to demand that the police take action given the evidence at hand.

Do you think the police should be able to press charges even if the girlfriend does not come forward given the nature of the audio recording? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Twitter/ JoeDaddyGaming]