‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Meets The Guys In The Season Premiere — There’s Drunken Drama Already

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season guys season premiere

The time is almost here for JoJo Fletcher to forget about Ben Higgins and move on to finding a true love of her very own on the 2016 season of The Bachelorette. Well, she’s actually already started, as the show started taping months ago, and pretty much everything has been done by this point. For all those watching on ABC at home, though, the season premiere is Monday night, and everything is about to get really dramatic.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of The Bachelorette starring JoJo Fletcher. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Up until about four days ago, JoJo Fletcher had been very quiet on social media for weeks, but that’s not unexpected. She was in the middle of filming her season of The Bachelorette, and it’s all leading up to this Monday night when she meets the guys.

As usual, Reality Steve has delivered the goods on what will be happening this season, but the main thing is the season premiere. As usual, everyone wants to know if there will be drama and chaos and kissing and guys sent home and all of that. Well, there’s going to be plenty.

There’s going to be plenty of that and then some.

To start off the season premiere, there is a recap of Ben Higgins’ season on The Bachelor and how JoJo got to be where she is. JoJo is then greeted at the mansion by Des, Ali, and Kaitlyn, who want to talk to her about everything that would be coming her way this season.

This is rather common stuff and it’s what anyone would come to expect, and it’s not nothing really earth-shattering. After that, though, it’s time for the guys to start getting their introductions and eight of them get intro videos.

  • Jordan
  • Alex
  • Evan
  • Grant
  • Christian
  • Luke
  • Ali
  • James

Each one lets the world know a little about who they are, and then it is time for the limo entrances. Reality Steve actually has the order that each of the 26 guys come out of the limo and they are: Jordan, Derek, Grant, James F., Robby, Alex, Will, Chad, Daniel, Ali, James T., Jon, Nick B., Chase, Jake, Sal, Coley, Brandon, James S., Nick S., Vinny, Peter, Evan, Wells, Christian, and Luke.

As usual, there are a few that stand out, while some of them are just more casual and don’t try to do a whole lot to impress. That could end up being their downfall, but here are some highlights from the limo entrances:

  • JoJo lets the world know how hot she thinks Jordan Rodgers is.
  • Will tries to inject humor into things.
  • Robby brings JoJo a bottle of wine for her to chug.
  • Santa Claus is there.
  • Peter wants to be JoJo’s “Man Crush Monday” and gives her a heart pillow.
  • Luke rides in on a unicorn. Yes, he really does.

Bustle did warn the world that there would be another unicorn, but it isn’t likely that anyone thought a full-sized one would show up.

Believe it or not, JoJo says she doesn’t feel an instant connection with any of them, but then she’s immediately talking with Jordan. He lets her know that he used to play football, but he recently retired.

Jordan Rodgers never actually made it onto the regular season main roster of any NFL team and didn’t play in a single game. In the Canadian Football League, he was on the practice roster of the BC Lions, but again, never played in a game after college.

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season guys season premiere jordan rodgers
From that point, JoJo goes on to speak with other guys who try to impress her, and Will is next. He has some origami with him and it earns him a peck-on-the-lips kiss which she later calls “awkward.” No worries, though, as Jordan comes in soon to rescue her from the awkward situation.

This leads to a serious make-out session between Jordan and JoJo for the first big drama of the season.

Chad takes his shot. Daniel is up next and he is incredibly drunk while trying to talk to JoJo. This leads to him stripping down and jumping in the pool. Don’t worry as there are more drunk guys, as Nick S. proves by walking in while JoJo is filming her ITM interview.

Vinny is also insane and then Ali players piano for her. JoJo has a seat on St. Nick’s lap while James has no idea how to speak to a pretty woman. JoJo ends up having a moment with Luke who gives her a pair of boots, and she likes his style.

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season guys season premiere guys
It’s time for the first rose ceremony elimination of this season of The Bachelorette, and JoJo ends up sending six guys home. Before that, though, the first big twist of the season has Jake Pavelka show up and join the quest for JoJo’s heart, but he doesn’t really. He’s simply there to wish her luck and say that he hope she finds true love.

Now, it’s time for the eliminations and they are:

  • Jon Hamilton
  • Jake (not Pavelka)
  • Peter
  • Nick S.
  • Coley Knust
  • Sal DeJulio

JoJo Fletcher wants to find her one-and-only, and he may very well be in the group of guys that she’s going to meet in front of the television world on Monday night. If he is, then she will know exactly what her options are on the first episode of the 2016 season of The Bachelorette. There will be some kissing and chaos and drama and drunk guys, but a couple will already separate from the pack as well.

[Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images]