‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Scrapp DeLeon Is Hooking Up With Karlie Redd Before Prison, Chris Gould Done With Reality TV After Breakup With Mimi Faust

There is a lot going on in Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but no one is facing bigger problems than Scrapp DeLeon. As Scrapp prepares for a lengthy prison term, he is caught in more than a love triangle with Tiarra and Tommie, but then he ends up hooking up with Karlie Redd, too.

Meanwhile, Mimi Faust has offered to help Stevie J out after he finally separated from Joseline Hernandez. That was too much for Chris Gould, who told Mimi that she just couldn’t take it anymore and ended up dumping the reality star and swearing off reality TV for good.

In a new sneak peek for the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Scrapp DeLeon brings his family together to talk about his upcoming prison sentence. Scrapp has been aware since he signed on with the VH1 hit that he would be doing some time, it was just a matter of how much. Fans of LHHATL already know that DeLeon is serving a 20-year term which has been split into five years of actual jail time plus another 15 years of probation. He was already in custody when the premiere aired and has never even seen an episode of the show that made him a star.

Scrapp has been scrambling to get his affairs in order (literally) for a few episodes now. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta breakout star made huge waves when his baby mama, Tiarra, and his new girlfriend, Tommie, found out about each other. The Inquisitr also reported on Scrapp’s alleged other girlfriend,who isn’t on the VH1 show, but whom he was reportedly living with prior to doing the show.

Now Scrapp DeLeon has added another woman into the mix. Karlie Redd is no stranger to controversy, but she was also supposed to at least somewhat be Tommie’s friend. That didn’t stop Karlie from hooking up with Scrapp on the last episode of LHHATL. It also didn’t stop Scrapp from bringing Tommie to meet with his family when he told them about the five-year prison sentence that he’s getting ready to serve. Scrape’s brother, Sas, was also at the meeting along with their mother, KK, aka Karen King. Want to know who wasn’t there, though? Tiarra was not invited to the family meeting, even though she has a child with him and neither was the mystery woman that also reportedly has a child with Scrapp.

On the other hand, it looks like Mimi Faust is single again after her girlfriend, Chris Gould, decided she couldn’t handle the drama of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. It looks like Chris also couldn’t handle all that comes with being a reality TV star and has sworn off ever doing anything like that on TV again. Just days after VH1 aired Chris Gould and Mimi Faust in the most unemotional breakup on TV, they offered up Chris’ point of view on Mimi and the horrors of reality TV.

Chris even made a video about her experience with Mimi Faust and the rest of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast. It turns out that Chris really wants to be an advocate with GLAAD or something along those lines. Reality TV is not for the weak, and it’s not for Chris Gould either.

In the video posted by Fameolous, Chris started off by saying, “I think it takes a soulless. I think it takes a certain type of person to promote themselves on reality TV.” Does that mean that Chris thinks Mimi Faust is soulless? Be sure to check out the video below and tell us what you think of the shade Chris threw after dumping Mimi.

With Love & Hip Hop Atlanta hitting the homestretch for Season 5 and amping up the drama with each new episode, how do you feel about this season compared to others? We already know the fate of Scrapp DeLeon but what about all the women he strung along on his way to serving that prison sentence, will they support him while he’s in prison? And will Mimi Faust end back up with Stevie J after breaking up with Chris Gould? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]